I Can’t Tell You Why

I don’t get it.

I saw Delaware live and in person for the first time last night. The Hens lost to VCU 79-60, falling behind by double digits late in the first half and never getting the margin below 10.

Delaware clearly is not a very good basketball team. But they are certainly not 0-8 bad. Herb Courtney is legit, and even though they are short, the two freshmen Monte Ross is running out there at guard are serviceable and remember freshmen. The Hens were executing on offense a plan. It wasn’t all the time, but you can see there is a strategy.

And I think that’s where the difference may reside: there were times during the game where you could visibly see Delaware wasn’t giving it everything, especially on the offensive end. Too many times the Hens fired six passes around the top of the key and then moved out of the way so that a guard could go one-on-one and try a fadeaway 16-footer at the shot clock buzzer.

For his part, Monte Ross was teaching and praising; making sure his players–already beaten down from an 0-7 start and being down 15 on the road–weren’t beaten down further by their coach. At one point, Ross took Sam McMahon out of the game and stopped McMahon on his way to the bench.

“That’s big time effort Sam. Big time,” Ross said. (McMahon did grab 8 rebounds on the game.)

I’m thinking that there will be a significant Henderson Hangover in Henland, but Ross was the right kind of hire.

Now, part two of I Don’t Get It Thursday is the JMU Dukes. I haven’t seen them yet this year, but I REALLY don’t get them. James, Swanston, and Curtis are not horrible players. Further, they play hard.

But the most confounding part is that the losses are bad. Dartmouth has barely competed in its games this season and they beat JMU in Harrisonburg. Youngstown State? By 20? That’s one of those “excusables if JMU slips by Dartmouth and loses closely to Youngstown.

Again, I don’t get it.

And neither do the Dukes Faithful.


Towson is blown out at Georgetown and Georgia State drilled in Iowa City. Let’ move on to the yuletide spirit.


~ by mglitos on December 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “I Can’t Tell You Why”

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