She’s Fresh (So Fresh)

I’m so proud.

My man Vladie Kools was named CAA co-player of the week. He shares the honor with Lance Perique of Georgia State.

Kuljanin hit all 11 field goal attempts, scoring 23 points, in The Dub’s close loss at Toldeo. Vladie leads the CAA in FG percentage (69.1%) and is among the league’s top five in scoring and rebounding. Eat that, Will Thomas. (I kid because I care.)

The NOW is also a Dubman. Montez Downey scored 13 points in the Toldeo game and is averaging a Schick below 10 points per game on the season. (Side Note: I can’t bring myself anymore to refer to “guys playing their first season in the CAA” as rookies. Seems too professional. So I’ll have to buck the words of my friend Rob and call them the Newcomer of the Week.)


I’ve answered a pile of email from friends and blog readers about the VCU press. The question is always nearly the same: “what’s up with that?”

I keep coming back to the same thing: the reason it is so effective is that it is impossible to prepare for. Here’s what I mean. It’s not like the old Kentucky or Arkansas teams where you could practice with six guys on the floor. And it’s not like there is a sceme to attack it, because htere are small variances in the way it is imposed. Plus, it is always there.

Now, I’m not saying it cannot be beaten or neutralized. It can. It just takes an inordinate amount of patience and will on the part of 20 year old kids. Good luck with that. Its effectiveness, in my opinion, is its subtlety. It’s not a race all over the court and force 10 second violations kind of press. Rather, it forces big men to handle teh ball, or it traps the guard if the big men are afraid to help.

Again, there is a nuance to counter how the opposition chooses to attack. I can tell you it is fun to watch.

Another metaphor: the VCU press is your mother-in-law staying at your house over teh holidays. It’s not that she’s evil, but she seems to appear in every room of the house, and there is always the subtle dig. It wears you down to the point of heading to a bar to escape. And that only complicates matters for you.

At least that’s what I’d guess it is like.


You think Mike Davis is going to schedule another holiday run through Virginia in the coming years? His UAB Blazers were pulverized by VCU Saturday and two days later (that would be last night) obliterated by ODU. The really bad part: other coaches will take note.

But good for Mike Davis for making the trip. He has guts and I appreciate that.


Drexel heads to the Carrier Dome tonight to take on the Orangepeople. I don’t care who sponsors that building now, it will always be the Carrier Dome to me. This is the next-to-last chance for the conference to pick up a marquee victory. Hofstra follows Bruiser into the building on Friday.


I haven’t pondered much the stnadings and how teams have looked, overall, yet. It’s part of the way I approach things. I hate recruiting, and I preer to let teams get their legs under them. Round about now I start to look at the shape of the world.

More about that later, but I have to get back to real work.


~ by mglitos on December 19, 2006.

One Response to “She’s Fresh (So Fresh)”

  1. We wil see how effective the vaunted press is arounf CAA tourney time, when everyone has seen it at least a couple of times and has access to 10 or 15 other games on tape. Can’t see that being too effective against veteran teams like ODU and Hofstra.

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