Too Much Time on My Hands

For a few hours yesterday, I was a Cameron Crazy. I’ve been to games at Duke before, but this was my first foray onto press row, where I quickly realized the long-standing tradition that you do not walk behind press row to your seat. You walk onto the playing floor and climb over the press table. It’s that jammed. I have not been that close to a college student since I was a college student. I’ve got to say I loved it.

That said, here’s snippets of my game notes:

Jim Larranaga looks very excitable this year. This is the second game I’ve seen where he’s been overly animated. He is getting in the faces of his players and riding the officials like I cannot remember. It’s just odd.

Folarin Campbell is dribbling the ball WAY too much. Perhaps he’s trying to pick up the slack or carry the team until they mesh; perhaps he’s still got a little Final Four in him. But the Mason offense is grinding because there’s little movement. I saw too much one-on-one moves yesterday, and not just from Campbell.

Will Thomas TOOK one shot in the first half? Think Duke had a plan?

When that kid from Duke Schuyer made about three three-pointers to open the second half, I’m betting I wasn’t the only one thinking this was Florida and Lee Humphrey all over again. Mason was in it; then they weren’t.

As much as I loved the students, they were really geeky kids. I don’t want to say ugly because that would be the pot calling the kettle black, but I’ve seen better looking people living under bridges. Side note: they weren’t very good at Individual Heckling. Their ability to Group Heckle is reknowed–and rightfully so–but left to their own devices they are near the bottom of the creative fan list. Too many Calculus classes, I guess. (However I should note I laughed out loud when one kid sitting behind me shouted at Brian Kersee, who had blown his whistle about six times in 30 seconds with Duke leading by about 16 with one minute left: “Come on Brian. Don’t you know we have exams to take?”)

Coach K Power? In the middle of a Duke possession, Coach K started chatting up Brian Kersey. All of the sudden the whistle blew and play stopped–for no other reason than Coach K told Kersey something was amiss. Five minutes later Duke lost 11 seconds on a possession.

I’m no CAA apologist–okay, maybe I am–but Mason closed to 52-40 and three consecutive whistles went against Mason that are judiciously described as questionable. One was an inadvertent whistle with a Duke player trapped on the baseline. Presto, 57-40. I’m just saying…

Mason closed to 57-47 and That Kid Schyer drained the three-pointer I always call the Backbreaking Three. How come Duke always has the ball in the hands of the guy they want to shoot when they need it?

My favorite Duke Student moment was 45 minutes before the George Mason game even started when they erupted in a “Go to hell Carolina” chant. Priceless.

Finally: Duke is going to get killed a few time this year. They aren’t that good.


The back-half of my double-header saw VCU drill Richmond 68-54. It really wasn’t much of a game. Freshman TJ Gwynn threw up 20 points on the Spiders and Eric Maynor had 11 assists and one turnover.

The highlight of the game for me was getting to visit with Kyle Whelliston for a few minutes. Kyle was on his way to see JMU and Dartmouth today and popped by.


The big one was posted by Drexel. The Dragons beat Villanova last night to snare anoyther Signature Win. Congrats. I have no detail yet as todya has been a whirlwind of brunch, Christmas shopping, and working off the hangover from last night’s Christmas party.

We’ll get into Drexel during the week, but as for now remember who told you they would win the conference.


~ by mglitos on December 10, 2006.

4 Responses to “Too Much Time on My Hands”

  1. Your quote: “Finally: Duke is going to get killed a few time this year. They aren’t that good.”

    You’re a dumbass and they still crushed Mason.

    You know nothing.

  2. Be quiet, Dookie. Duke has a weak offense. They won’t shoot 52% from behind the arc every game.

    They won’t get killed, but they will lose more. Coach K’s pull with the ACC refs will keep them in games and Paulus will be healthier.

  3. Haha, I’ve noticed that you have a stalker. Congrats, you’ve made the big time! 🙂

  4. as Larranaga said the offense is still trying to figure things out. they missed a ton of opportunities in the first half to go ahead.

    i was ready to throw my tv out the window on the call where the duke player pushed Campbell out of bounds while he was attempting to get a ball in the second half.

    i think the Patriot’s tough early season schedule will pay off once they get into conference play.

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