Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love)

Twin bill today for me, but if you include the radio and my cell phone I’m catching six games. I ventured down I-64 this morning to catch the ODU/Richmond game. Tonight I’ll settle into my seat at the Alltell Pavilion to catch VCU and Hampton. I had Mason on the radio and JMU on the phone. I’ll track Hofstra tonight via phone.

My life is good.

Here’s what I saw this morning, other than ridiculous traffic to the Williamsburg outlets:

1. I know Richmond starts four freshmen, but I must be getting old. Those kids looked about 15 to me. There were four different foods on my Thanksgiving table with more muscle tone than these guys. But Lord, those babies aren’t afraid to chuck it up there.

(Side note: I like their head guy Chris Mooney. He gave bad officiating a good workout. It takes guts to start four kids like that…but those same four kids can’t be playing so many minutes as juniors.)

2. The good: Valdas Vasylius is just plain a man. He has even bulked up a bit from last year. He’s the kind of kid I’ll take on my team any day of the week. Also, Drew Williamson just proved why you don’t look at the boxscore to get the measure of a player. Or, if you do, look at something other than TP. I don’t have it in front of me, but Williamson had something like seven assists and four steals and I think one turnover.

Ken Pomeroy would be proud of me (or file suit), but I think I’m glomming onto the ASCD/TO ratio. (I added charges drawn for a little mystique…).

3. The bad: Both Jonathan Adams and Gerald Lee looked good on the defensive end, but neither is a threat to score. Adams has no semblance of a shot, and Lee just couldn’t Finnish. (HA!) Guys have good games and guys have bad games, but you can also see the big picture if you look. And that is why it was also notable that Abdi Lidonde lokked fairly disinterested.

4. The other: Brian Henderson just makes everyone else look good. He’s in constant motion on offense and bailed out ODU several times today–when there was nobody open, Henderson got open and three passes later the Monarchs scored. At the outset of the second half it was time for him to score, so he buried two threy, hit a layup, and fed Adams for an alley-oop dunk.

Also, Arnaud Dahi is playing very well but it is clear he is also still hurting. File that one away for Valentine’s Day…does the rigor of the season wear him down, or build up strength? I think we’ll know by Bracket Busters.

I’m coming around to why ODU is good: Williamson and Vasylius are the two “kinds of players” I want to start my team with…Dependable guy to handle the ball, and a guy that is capable all over the floor and tough as nails. I can throw a rock into a tree and find a good shooter. Those two kids are what I want. Put a pure scorer on that ODU, like Antoine Agudio, and how freaking good are they?


Can you imagine a wrestling match between Vasylius and VCUs Jesse Pellot Rosa? Those two of the strongest and toughest kids I’ve seen.


We’ll get into some other stuff later. Mason dropped a heartbreaker, in addition to announcing that the 100 watt smile of Sammy Hernandez is going to transfer. Plus, there’s a pile of losses mounting. I wasn’t concerned. Now, maybe so. But I need to think about it some more.


Good for Dean Keener.


Yes, I have a southern bias, but you’ll have to live with it. My Hofstra/Nor’Easter trip last year took an entire weekend. Today, I caught a game, am headed for a shower, and then off for dinner and another game.

Like I said, I have a good life.


~ by mglitos on November 25, 2006.

3 Responses to “Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love)”


  2. Adams isn’t going to lead the conference in scoring, but he can put the clamps on Loren Stokes when you need him off the bench in the NIT. How do you prepare for ODU when anyone can lead the team in scoring, and three of the guys off the bench can start for just about anyone in the conference?

  3. Agree with your assessment of Adams and Lee, but Adams is too athletic to keep off the court and you know better than anyone Lee will start to “Finnish” sooner than later and wish some ex VCU coach had listened to some ex VCU player who coached Lee in Scandinavia.:shock:

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