Blister (in the Sun)

Towson hosts Samford tonight in what is one of those really good matchups nobody notices. First, nobody knows anything about Samford. Then again, why should you? Think some guy in Arizona knows anything at all about VCU?

I only know because I have a very good friend who lives in Birmingham, the home of Samford. He tells me: four starters returning, Princeton offense, lots of experience, preseason pick for champions of the Ohio Valley. I tell him: the only thing I know about the OVC is that Popeye Jones was pretty good in the late 1980s. Oh, and Towson has Gary Neal.

He has a much better argument. Towson has the much better team.

The scary thing is that Dennard Abraham has a hurt thigh and will not play. Likewise, Holden Plack and Jonathan Pease are grounded. (Side note: Every time I read “Holden Plack” I wonder if his parents are JD Salinger fans…)

Anyway, this is the kind of game, in my mind, that Neal scores about 32, Tommy Breaux goes about 12 and 10, and CC Williams gets six assists. Rocky Coleman plays 32 minutes, posting nominal stats but is ridiculously important defending that Princeton offense. I like Towson by about five.


Last night Drexel coasted to a 73-37 victory over some lightweight from Florida (motto: we got killed, but it’s cold where you are.) Surprising stat: Chaz Crawford scored exactly zero points against a very overmatched opponent. I didn’t see the game and Crawford may have been just fine. He did have seven blocks and 11 rebounds. But a big bagel ain’t passing muster against the top half of the CAA. (“This ain’t the Califrnia Penal League…”)

Nor’Eastr and Poor Bill Coen went to the Carrier Dome and collected a check and an 81-58 loss. Nothing about it was unexpected and nobody is jumping off bridges yet. Luckily, too, the Red Sox spent $51 million on a plate of sushi. It’s going to take them awhile. Again, I didn’t see one second of the game, but I notice from the box score that the Huskies reeled in 20 rebounds, and six of those were “team rebounds.” Scary stat: Nor’Eastr had 14 rebounds actually grabbed by a player. One player for Syracuse grabbed 13 himself.


The other game tonight, or should I say game to watch over dinner that if you watch over dinner you need professional help, is an old fashioned Tech versus State matchup in Georgia. I’ll eat my shoe if the Panthers can pull this one out, but I’m seeing this as a Status Quo game: Tech gets up by 15, State cuts it to about 8 at the half; Tech runs away in the second half, winning by about 18-20.


Much more on a big weekend coming tomorrow, since I now have time I didn’t think I had. I’ll get a chance to add some links to what other guys say, too.

More time? On the beach? YOU are the one who needs professional help!

Well, not quite.

I come to you live, from Richmond, Virginia, where my vacation has been postponed due to a sick child. (Think Brent Musberger, The NFL Today, 1978…)

You will find me at Melitos, a Richmond mainstay, at 8:00 on Friday. My career, at least in the Henrico County Men’s B Division, is not over. (Melitos is the restaurant/bar where I meet Stella after every game and convene with friends to come up with half the spew on the blog.)

And now to Irv Cross, who talked to ODU head coach Tom Young on the upcoming season for the Monarchs…..


~ by mglitos on November 16, 2006.

13 Responses to “Blister (in the Sun)”

  1. i live in the west end you bastard! i’m about 10 minutes away from melito’s. they have great chilli dogs!

    i’m so damn excited about the GMU/Whichta State game tomorrow. they will be unveiling the trophy and banners from the final 4. the place is sold out! 10,000+ patriots fans sporting green and gold.

    of course, i won’t be able to go since my sister is getting married this weekend. damn her!

  2. Does anyone know how long TJ Carter is expected to be out for UNC-W? I know he had surgery recently.

    Also, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game at the Pat Dome. The atmosphere is going to be amazing!

    It sucks that you’ll be missing out, Carl.

  3. ODU just got their selection sunday type win. They broke G-Towns 26 game streak in that gym.

  4. By the Way, Hofstra Pride fan here…about the biggest one ull ever meet;and im officially announcing to all of you that our season is over…im willing to face facts, we are just not very good…good luck to everyone…make the CAA proud because we certainly will not…


  6. It’s early, but it seems like VCU, Hofstra, Mason, Wilmington and Northeastern have all laid eggs. Does anyone besides ODU have a quality win? Last place in the paradise jam? Losing to Campbell? Losing to Manhattan after already losing to Charlotte? Ouch…

  7. favorite against WSU and lay an egg at home? Pathetic.

  8. Have you stop… tell us what we know, the CAA isn’t the same CAA as last year. Back to true CAA form, except maybe ODU (which has 4 of the 12 CAA wins). I mean GMU getting a scare at Hampton, give me break. Hofstra looking for the first, I feel the pain too much hype. Were is the will, were is the hunger CAA.

  9. “Pathetic”? Mason “laid a egg”? You obviously don’t know sh!t. There is no shame in GMU losing to WSU at home. That’s a damn fine team.

    And for the record, Vegas had WSU as a 1.5 point favorite.

    The CAA will be fine. Progress is rarely made in a straight line up.

  10. Re: The WSU game. In the interest of full disclosure, I was at the game. Officiating in favor of WSU played a noticeable part in the result.

    I wonder if the refs were from the MVC. Can anyone find that out?

    If you watch WSU again this season, look for moving screens, usually committed by Kyle Wilson.

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