You Might Think

One day you people are going to listen to me.

Towson 78, Hartford 64
Gary Neal scores 20, but the stats you need to pay close attention to:

Winnie Tubbs goes 15 and 13. Those are Lawrence Hamm numbers. But the Tigers forced just 12 turnovers. Pat Kennedy needs his guys to play defense if Towson is to be as successful as many people believe.

VCU 75, Longwood 63
Eric Maynor with 15 points and six assists. BA Walker with five steals and the Rams force 20 turnovers. Five VCU players in double figures. That bodes well in the post Nick George era, but then again, it is Longwood.

The Dub 88, Belmont 83
This one is actually more impressive than most people believe. New coach, new system, star player gone, guard chooses to transfer, other players hurt, on the road, first game, Cancer moon is in Scorpio…

My man Vladie Kools leads the way with 20; Montez Downey is officially a Name You Should Know. forget the 17 points. Downey led the Hawks in the MP category with 32.

And by the way–when was the last time The Dub scored 88 points without going to overtime?


Not sure if I’ll get to check back in before hitting the road and the air and the beach, but you Mason folks enjoy Saturday and the banner hanging ceremony.


~ by mglitos on November 14, 2006.

3 Responses to “You Might Think”

  1. listen to you? That is the post of the year. Are you serious? You say nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  2. alot of surprising stuff Moss brought to the boards. This strategy with a run and gun offense, may either spank us or
    surprise us……….So far what
    has happened is relative to the
    scoreboards, 2 exhibition wins, and
    one NIT win……….Give it a chance folks.

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