She’s a Beauty

Sorry folks. Life is life, and it rolls along. Embrace that fact and we’ll all get along much better. I’ll get some additional updates going this weekend, when I have some time. Golf season has ended with another bagel in my personal “Holes in One, Career” stat line. But I press on…

I’m going to pop by a VCU scrimmage this weekend to see how the Actually Running Rams look in their new system. I’m seeing what I can do to get to Charlotte for Hofstra’s opener against Ex-Moss’s.

I tell you, I’m going to have to rethink this hatred of all things recruiting position of mine. It puts me at a huge disadvantage with this blog.


Once again, I have been pummeled for an intelligent position that Homers can’t see through. So I’ll say it plainly: Arnaud Dahi is not the player he was last February. I don’t care if he looked good in five minutes of a scrimmage. And I don’t care if your brother’s friend’s aunt’s cousin knows the sister of John Morris’ mother-in-law and she said Dahi is 100 percent.

He’s not.

There’s “good pain,” which Dahi has experienced as part of the natural healing process. And sure, Dahi may have logged five good minutes and made two good moves. How do you think he felt that night?

Five minutes against his own teammates that know he’s slowed is not 27 minutes against UNCW. I’m not saying he won’t be his old self come February, but I’m warning you: don’t put expectations on the kid that are unrealistic. It’s unfair and you will be disappointed.

Look, it’s Friday, 53 degrees, and raining. Deal with it.


I think we’re all rooting for George Mason into January, right? Nobody really wants that team or especially this conference to become The Tubes. The Patriots just can’t go into Cameron with a “2” in the loss column. Or, let me put it this way, so I can inject a bit of sunshine into this thing…they can’t leave Cameron with a “3” in the loss column.

We all need it, for legitimacy sake. The reason it is doubly important is that this league won’t be any different than last year. Teams are gonig to beat up on each other without mercy. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say this year will be worse: Towson is better, Georgia State is better, and JMU isn’t as bad. I think you’re going to see some 2-7 team beat a 7-2 team.

So if we’re all beating up on each other, there needs to be a Lech Walesa working throughout the nonconference season.


I’m still loving Media Day. Part of the reason is the complete and total wonder in which everyone–fans, coaches, local media, administrators, conference pooh-bahs–are approaching the year. How are we going to be received and treated? The national media is there now, but for how long? For how much? At what point do the wins and losses start impacting newspaper coverage and ESPN highlights?

These are the things I like to watch play out.


Side note: it should not be lost that with all the grief Tom Yeager has received over the years, both he and Ron Bertovich deserve a slap on the back. They turned last season into more than 75 teevee games while at the same time refusing to rest on the laurels of last year. They know.


Speaking of Wild Cards:

1. ODU
2. VCU
4. Towson

Just think about the impact these teams can have on the standings. Now think about how much you really don’t know.


The early start to the season is killing the coaches; to a man. We’re about two weeks from the official stat of the season and one week from intrasquad scrims.

Coaches hate; we love it.

Time to roll.


~ by mglitos on October 27, 2006.

9 Responses to “She’s a Beauty”

  1. blah, blah, blah.

  2. So are you Dahi’s Dr. or trainer. You know nothing unless you are inside Dahi’s head, so please stop with telling us crap that you have just a subjective opinion on. When you have a one on one interview with Dahi post on the subject again.

  3. Dahi has never been a banger or defensive force, that is what Valdas and Big Sam are for, as well as Adams, Lee, and Carter. I’m pretty sure he can still hit a 12 foot jumper a top of the key three and free throws. No doubt he will lead the team in scoring, while the rest of the frontcourt does the dirtywork. By the way, UNCW has never been a problem for Mr. Dahi, he can roll out of bed and produce 27 good minutes against those hacks. Check his career record against them and get back to me.

  4. Guys, I tend to agree with him. It is not fair to Dahi for us to say he is back. Dahi has worked extremely hard to get where he is. He deserves a lot of credit. He will be able to put up some offensive but it won’t be from skying for an O rebound and going up strong to the basket. He just doesn’t have the explosive quickness yet. How can you say Dahi was not a banger on the defensive end ? He almost always played the other teams bigger / taller player. He always worked for position and always worked hard trying to move his man out of offensive position. He was the hardest working defender we had. Don’t you think other teams are going to go right at him. They are !!! Dahi will be a contributor but as Blaine said he will be much better in January and even better in March. Don’t set your expectations too high that’s all I think he is trying to say.

  5. What team were you watching? Dahi has never guarded the other teams best post player. Do you ever remember Dahi checking Jai Lewis? How about Steenburg from Richmond? How about James for Noreaster, it was always Loughton, and if it wasn’t Loughton then it was Valdas. I’m a big Dahi fan, but even the coach would admit he is a shoot first pass later defend last type of player. If he was a big time defensive player he would block three shots a game with his athletic ability. I agree teams will go right at him, because they always have, I’ll be happy if he can just be a more consistent offensive weapon, and quit throwing pump fakes around like they are going out of style. Enough with the stepback threes.

  6. Dahi sucks. He is hurt, career is over. ODU will suck this year.

    Boy that sounds like some of the research on this blog….just a bunch of VCU Homers.

  7. VCU will be lucky if they go .500

    i’m going on record that GMU will beat duke in cameron…on national tv.

    john feinstein even thinks GMU can win down there.

    you heard it here first.

    ps- gmu plays marymount tonight in an exhibition. newcomer dre smith is going to dominate this league along with John Vaughn.

  8. Hold your horses, Carl. Mason has Wichita State at home before thoughts of beating Duke even approach.

    Feinstein writes books and doesn’t pick games.

    Don’t forget about Monroe and Birdsong. I’m wondering how Vaughn will do in returning from his injury. He had 14pts in the scrimmage, but it was just that.

  9. i think monroe and birdsong will get some decent time coming off the bench. i’m really excited about the 6’10 guy they have signed for next year. rumor has it they have some solid recruits for 07 and 08 and have started working on 09.

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