I really think this is a bad idea, but I must. Customer service and all.

I’ll have access to all the coaches and CAA pooh-bahs next week at CAA Media Day.

What do you want to know?

You know my email.

And don’t be an idiot. Everybody likes to be funny. But you need to be smart enough to understand what I am asking you. If not, you don’t need to be reading this blog.


~ by mglitos on October 18, 2006.

7 Responses to “Crazy”

  1. “Coach, what conference dates do *you* have circled?”

  2. “Coach, which team do you see as “flying under the radar” in the CAA this season?”

    For the new coaches:
    “How much trouble do you believe the teams will have adapting to the new systems implemented by you?’

  3. has the recent success and press attention truely lifted all boats. Are you seeing better teams on your schedule, has the caliber of recruits gotten higher? Has there been more local press coverage, etc

  4. what can we expect to see in future years in terms of TV coverage

  5. “Coach, the use of media timeouts, how much do they hinder or help in a game”! Seems to me to be more of coaching headache than a asset.

  6. i’m glad they picked Hofstra as the preseason favorite becuase that takes off some pressure on GMU…even though we are all aware they are going to dominate this year.

  7. when is your book going to be available? will you be selling copies at the GMU Bookstore and online?

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