Start Me Up

Today has become more symbolic than anything else. What was once a classic Lefty Driessel move (“I can start practice on October 15, so we’ll be on the court at 12:01am…”) morphed into a concept called Midnight Madness as other schools jumped on the bandwagon and turned it into an event.

Then Dick Vitale drilled a half court shot to win a kid at Cincinnati tuition.

Eventually the NCAA became involved, which is precisely when a fun event jumped the shark. At some point the pecksniffs that run that organization decided that with all the corruption in college sports, it was essentail to mandate that practice could begin on the Friday evening at 7:00 before October 15.

Suddenly, October 15 was merely a symbol, no more important than the Friday after Thanksgiving being the start of Christmas shopping season.

But hey, don’t let my pessimism stop you. Mason is on teevee, and undoubtedly Your Team is holding some type of event.

So go, have fun.

As for me, I’ll crack open some Stella, prepare for the Bon Air Elementary Village Fair, peruse the music lineup for the Folk Festival, and wait until November 15. I leave for St. Thomas that day.



~ by mglitos on October 13, 2006.

7 Responses to “Start Me Up”

  1. Unless you’re ODU, in which case, your school is NOT holding some type of event.

  2. We don’t deserve one after last year, plus we don’t need one ,season ticket sales are at an all time high.

  3. I heard from an informed source that those season ticket numbers are inflated by the “Mini-packs” and other gimick partial season ticket packages.

  4. They haven’t offered the mini-pac yet and ODU only had them last year for the ladies. ODU hasn’t even sent out the renewal notice or done any other gimick. Don’t worry the whole CAA numbers should be up big after last year. Oh yea all the sky boxes are already soldout. You should try to make a game at the Ted, very nice. The single tickets will go on sale in about two weeks, but don’t wait too long. So you informed source is full of S___T. Don’t hate, it’s not pretty.

  5. Stella? You drink French beer?

  6. I try not to respond, but this is important. Stella is a Belgian beer. There is a difference.

  7. homer….

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