So Close, Yet So Far Away

It’s been slow, I know. Recruiting has been a hot topic, but that’s not my bag of tricks. I’ve also been less involved in CAA basketball for a very good reason.

Now, I’m not much of a teevee guy. I have my staples—the local news, an occasional Law & Order repeat, and My Name is Earl. Otherwise, I stay close to Barnes & Noble and John Coltrane. But I was given a gift a few weeks ago, and I want to share it with you. A friend dropped off a DVD of the show Arrested Development. In a word, this show is brilliant.

So while you may have been fretting over the number of stars your recruit received from whatever scouting service, I have become engrossed with the Bluth family. Fear not, my friends—it appears no teevee execs are going to pick the show up for this season. It is on life support and that is a shame. They’d rather try the 43rd version of reality teevee—I Look Ridiculous.

And that is why I don’t watch too much teevee, and I will have plenty of time for CAA hoops come November.


So here we are, one week from the official start of practice, and I’m in a very funky place.

I’m excited about the start of the season, yet nothing is really starting. It’s a microcosm of the entire Midnight Madness concept. You get all riled up…get to see a scrimmage or dunk contest. Get a free t-shirt even.

But in the end you get to wait another month before anything truly matters.


Because I’m also all about having a good time while you are educated–figuring maybe you’ll learn something without realizing you’ve learned something–I indeed held a blind draw for the conference standings. Moreover, I wanted to be fair. Instead of challenging myself to the top seven spots only, I drew a line and held two “drafts.”

Each team name in the top seven was written on a sticky note, folded exactly in half, and shuffled. All seven were put in a desk drawer. I pulled, at random, your top seven:


I wasn’t as fair with the botttom five. I really believe Georgia State is a bit better than everyone else in this group, so I gave them two entries. In the Six for the Final Five draw:

Georgia State
William & Mary


~ by mglitos on October 6, 2006.

7 Responses to “So Close, Yet So Far Away”

  1. Yeah, I think the standings are just as likely to work out that way as any other…

  2. Arrested Development is a thing of beauty. I’ve been watching that show since it started and it is hilarious.

  3. dude, you are a homer………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  4. How is he a homer? VCU is 7th with possibly one of the major coaching coups in CAA history. I hope the conference can represent well for the next 2 years until it reloads in terms of upperclassman starters.

    Also, this random draw might be more accurate than your early season predictions.

  5. you’re a dumbass. He isn’t picking VCU 7th….and you haven’t read this blog or his posts.


  6. My bad, he picked VCU 5th. Not a super difference between 5th and 7th. I’ve read the blog, just got my numbers mixed up.

    As an aside, I love people who go on anonymous and spew all types of garbage.

    And sure, I’m a homer … for Mason. Season tickets!

  7. Yeah? your screen name makes your dumbass comments so much more effective.

    Its going to be ohh so much fun watching your programs crash into the side of the mountain. You fan base (what few you have) will leave faster than they jumped on.


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