Thunder Road

Coupla things for you today…awhile back I promised “tough stretches” in the conference season. Today I’ll actually deliver on that promise.


I’ve got to lead off with a bit of a surprising note…then again, no. Unless I’m reading it wrong, exactly ZERO of the 13 games of ESPNs Bracket Busters will be televised on the Mothership. I see six on the Deuce, five on ESPNU, and 2 on friggin ESPN360.

I get to 13, but check my math.

Now, I honestly cannot remember if any were on ESPN last year, but that is merely a data point. I’d think, considering George Mason and Wichita State and Bradley and ODU and every other mid major that caused havoc last March, some ESPN time is due.

Maybe not. There’s always Pro Darts, the Women’s Professional Lawn Bowling championships, or the World Car Washing Association to televise.

Just me, I guess.


Key Stretches in Your Team’s Season
Keep in mind these are conference games only…

This is an interesting season for the Hens. Losing Nananana and getting a new coach on a bad team would worry me. That’s why opening the season at VCU, at JMU, at Hofstra, home with Towson, and then at ODU is not exactly what the doctor ordered.

The Dragons have perhaps the most balanced schedule, but a midseason Travelocity web site has them: at UNCW, home VCU, at Nor’Easter, home ODU, home Towson, at Hofstra. Whew!

George Mason
They’ll open at the Daskaslasckiaskis Center, but it is a five-gamer that is the key: at UNCW, home Delaware, home ODU, at VCU, home Hofstra that will seed the Patriots. Side note: it could be a tired Mason team playing Hofstra on ESPN2 on 2/10.

Georgia State
Wow. Poor guys open the season at Hofstra, home Drexel, and home Towson. But that’s not even the hard part. The Panthers play three home games–VCU, Nor’Easter, and Drexel–and then hit the road to Mason and ODU. After Bracket Busters they get The Dub. Head coach Michael Perry is, after all, a University of Richmond guy. I’m nto saying; I’m just saying…

The Pride’s early season is dotted with toughies, but hosting Drexel and then traveling to Mason followed by at ODU will be a telling part of their season. When they get home from Norfolk, they get what will surely be a tough Bracket Buster game and then host UNCW.

James Madison
Poor Dean Keener. He starts the season in Norfolk, and after hosting Delaware gets to host VCU and Drexel; then gets to head to the beach for The Dub and back to Fairfax for Mason. Oh, and then it’s ODU again. Take a headcount when the bus leaves for Wilmington. I’m betting the number is smaller on the way home.

You know, I’m starting to think nobody has it easy. Benny Moss and the boys start the year in Boston. These are beach guys and they get Boston in December. Good thing they come home for Hofstra. But then to the road and Drexel and on their way back at Mason. Oh, they host Ga. State but then go to VCU, go to Towson, host Drexel, host ODU, and host Mason. After the gauntlet, it’s three straight roadies. I hate to lay out their entire schedule, but it ain’t pretty folks.

I stand corrected: this may be the most balanced schedule of the bunch. Bill Coen gets two homers to open the year: The Dub and ODU. Two tough roadies in January: at Drexel and at Mason. I’ll point to a four-game stretch as we head down the home stretch as key: home Drexel, at Towson, at Hofstra, and home Towson.

This is the schedule I like the most in terms of fun. We’re going to know something early: the Monarchs start the year in Boston and then come home for Mason, head back north onto Long Island, then back home to host Delaware and then Drexel. Late in the year there is a three game home stretch interrupted by a road Bracket Busters game: VCU, Hofstra, at BB, Towson. Think finishing kick.

I love these guys, and we’ll find out early if I’m smart. The Tigers host Mason on 1/10 and then travel to VCU and then Hofstra before coming home to face The Dub. Hoo-baby! Drexel at Towson closes the season. I say again: hoo-baby!

The Rams open the spring semester with a difficult three-gamer at home: Towson, UNCW, and ODU. As a reward, Anthony Grant gets to go to Mason and then to Drexel. The Rams also get to go to ODU and to UNCW back-to-back in middle February.

William & Mary
This could be a fate-sealing schedule for the Featherless Tribe. Mid Janaury brings Mason to town prior to a roadie at Hofstra and at ODU. The season ends with Tony Shaver at UNCW, home Drexel, at Bracket Buster, at Drexel, and home ODU. Egad.


~ by mglitos on August 23, 2006.

3 Responses to “Thunder Road”

  1. regardless of how balanced the conference schedule is check out that non-conf schedule… toughest in the CAA

  2. great comment, must be a mason student/grad.

  3. i think Northeastern has the toughest balance of NC games; look at those non-conf games!

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