Well, I certainly hope your weekend shaped up nicely. Personally, I beat the golf around way too much in the 98 degree heat (but with the wind chill it felt only 96) and then pulled up carpet and painted.

Playing bad, slow golf and then ripping out dog-pee-stained carpet. Sounds kinda like the second half of the CAA season, which will be fun for nobody except you and me:

Jan. 27: ODU at The Dub–This is a great game for a fan and a book signing. Besides, it will be fun to scoreboard watch VCU at Drexel and Hofstra at Towson. (Remember what I told you about Towson…)

Jan. 29: George Mason at The Dub–Keep in mind the Beach Boys won 69-63 about two weeks before losing in DC 69-62. Both teams finished the season 15-3. Pretty even, no? A three-day book signing, with a–you know–social event smack in the middle of two great basketball games sounds like a plan. Invitations hit the mail in early December. Also, Drexel heads to Boston in what looks like a banana peel game.

Jan. 31: ODU at Drexel–I could be wrong, but methinks the Daskaslasklaskis PAC have a word or two for San Harris. Also, VCU is at Hofstra.

Feb. 3: ODU at Mason–This is the game that turned the tide of two seasons last year. ODU was building momentum after an emotional victory over Drexel, and Mason just plain beat them down. Also, Towson at Drexel.

Feb. 7: The Dub at Delaware–I have no idea why, in late July, I have a feeling about this one. Mason at VCU: Patriots coming off emotional ODU game and VCU resting up after a homer against Georgia State. Also, Drexel at Hofstra.

Feb. 10: Hofstra at Mason–Does this game have a storyline? Welcome to Fairfax, ESPN. And to show the CAA powers have a very good sense of humor, we also get VCU at ODU.

Feb. 14: Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart! I couldn’t think of a better gift than two corner seats at Trask watching VCU at The Dub. Not good? Then how about a pair somewhere at The Ted to see Hofstra at ODU?

Feb. 17: Check back on Feb. 1, but here’s what we’ve got–Home teams are Delaware, Georgia State, Mason, Hofstra, Nor’Easter, VCU. Road games are everybody not listed as a home team.

Feb. 21: Now before we get to these games, let’s stop for a moment and assess the situation. There will be two more conference games after Bracket Busters. We’re going to know who is good and who is not. These last two games will likely be all about seeding. That said, The Dub at Hofstra is a gimme, as is Towson at ODU.

Feb. 24: If you’re out fo the doghouse for taking your girlfriend/wife to a basketball game for Valentine’s Day, check out this game on Seeding Saturday (see, I could work for ESPN. Alliteration isn’t exactly difficult.) Drexel at Towson.

(Today’s Side Note–regarding Valentine’s Day…utilize the long weekend in which a basketball game is merely part of the overall festivities. I suggest UNCW or Nor’Easter. But that’s just me.)

I’m just looking out for you. Generally you have to pay for that kind of advice. Or read Dear Ann.

LATER THIS WEEK: Really, brutally ugly stretches of the season, such as Mason’s first five conference games.


~ by mglitos on July 31, 2006.

13 Responses to “Tempted”

  1. Any news on the book? Is it still due to come out in Jan? Did you decide to change the title?


  3. what’s up with the article on GMU’s tough 5 game streak?? waiting! šŸ™‚

  4. ^What he said. And for the record, that second poster isn’t me.

  5. acw is a pinhead. Doesn’t know anything about college basketball and nothing about Mason basketball except games played after Feb. 15th this year even thou he graduated from Mason in 2006. Pathetic bandwagon fan who spends entirely too much time on message boards when he should be looking for a job.

    Maybe he isn’t “aloud” to have a life.

    That post was hilarious, acw. Nice grammar.

  6. Oh, Point Guard, hi (I assume it’s you; maybe I’m wrong). And FWIW, I got a job.

  7. Yeah, he is an idiot as well. I read those boards and I can;t believe some of the things you two write.

    You don’t have a clue and spend way too much time on the boards. All that time yet you still don;t know anything.

    And you moron’s thing that cat from Louisville is coming, get real, he’ll end up in the ACC. Sound like a bunch of 2 year olds over there. “is he coming, did he announce, I can’t wait, legit top 25”. Funny.

  8. Hi. I’m looking for some hot buttseks. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  9. acw is a moron. Williams and Redick never played in a national semifinal; you get dumber by the week.

  10. And when did I say they did?

  11. You are really are a dumbass: “The thing that amuses me, is that no matter how much money Redick (and I think Shelden Williams) and Morrison end up making, Makan Konate and Charles Makings will always be able to say they did something that the abovementioned never did-played in a National Semifinals.”



  12. This is awesome!

  13. Where is ACW with his comeback? None? You’re a dumbass and have no freaking clue about Basketball or Mason Athletics.

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