Rush (For a Change of Atmosphere)

Before we all head out to stuff our cake holes full of burgers, dogs, chicken, and Your Favorite Beverage, I figure I’ll check in with:

The Coaching Carousel. It is something else. This article details Greggggg Marshall’s abrupt Cremins. (That would be accepting a job, being announced at the new job, and less than 24 hours later asking for your old job back. A Cremins.)

But in the CAA–in less than four weeks after the team busses pulled out of Richmond–Ron Everhart found a new job; Brad Brownell found a new job; Jeff Capel found a new job. Dave Henderson found himself without a job. Enter four new guys. Jim Larranaga and Tom Pecora re-upped despite being rumored as candidates for other jobs. Bruiser Flint was the second choice at Temple. Blaine Taylor wasn’t openly courted, but you don’t get random contract extensions. Only Michael Perry, Dean Keener, Pat Kennedy, and Tony Shaver weren’t in some sort of motion.

The state of coaching in college basketball is wondrous. As part of the research for the book, I aksed five coaches how much of their time they actually spent on Xs and Os. All five, after laughing, placed the number between 10% and 20%.


I can’t take credit for the tagline (that goes to crack Hofstra PR guy Jeremy Kniffin), but the Pride will play under a “In Guards We Trust” motto this year. And it’s no wonder.

Frankenstein combined with Carlos Rivera and Antoine Agudio to score 1,526 points last year (46.3 per game). Stokes (17.4 ppg) and Agudio (17.2 ppg) combined for 34.6 ppg last year, trailing only Virginia’s Sean Singletary and J.R. Reynolds (a combined 34.7 ppg) as the highest scoring backcourt duo returning this year (among players who appeared in enough games to qualify). Rivera’s 11.7 ppg, meanwhile, gives the Pride easily the highest scoring three-guard line-up in the nation.

Granted Pat Kennedy would likely say that Gary Neal and the Olsen twins could outscore the Long Island Trio, but who really believes Mary Kate can play a lick of defense.


The fact that I worked Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen into this blog should tip you off that it’s going to be a long summer. The fact that I know them enough to use them is scary.


Useless fact: There were 16 international players selected in last night’s NBA draft (10 in the second round). The CAAs four best hopes were international players: Nick George, JJ Barea, Harding Nana and Alex Loughton. Zippo.


You win the conference, you get to start the season in the Caribbean. You lose in the quarterfinals, you get to start it at home. ODU will open next season in its own tourney, the Cox Communications Classic. Clemson (led by former ODU coach Ollie Purnell), Monmouth, and Arkansas State are the other three teams.


VCUs Villa Seven Consortium kicks off July 23 in Las Vegas. Tons of top assistants and athletic directors are going to try to figure it out for mid majors. I was lucky enough to attend last year’s gathering, and these guys mean business. They are also very smart people (so stop killing some of these guys).

Still, I think this year’s meeting could be a bit shorter:

“Get to the Final Four, use the leverage and goodwill to pay your coach. Now let’s hit the craps tables.”


~ by mglitos on June 29, 2006.

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