Running to Stand Still

So I was planning to get away from it all today and the weekend, but I read Gregg Doyel this morning with my coffee and must provide insight. Okay, commentary.

(Insert the “you bring your laptop and check things out when on vacation? Freaking geek” jokes right about………………………


First let me say that Gary Neal is the leading returning scorer in the country? Impressive.

Now, as for the rule…

Though I agree with Doyel in that it is a stupid rule, the really stupid part is that, once again, the NCAA has altered its landscape in a vaccuum. It is a rule that flies in the face of other rules. And that should be disturbing to people.

It is precisely the lack of consistency from the NCAA in the manner in which it manages its member schools that is galling. Coaches can make only a certain number of phone calls (unless you are Kelvin Sampson) but can text message their life away. On the other side of this rule, the NCAA revoked the ability for a D1-A football player to immediately transfer to a 1-AA school without having to sit out.

The NCAA has long maintained that the basketball tournament was just fine with 64 teams. Well, no, 65. It doesn’t need to be any larger. Oh wait, Jim Boeheim, you think there should be up to five more teams in? Well, let’s study this issue. We’ll get back to you right after we ban William & Mary’s two-feathered logo for being offensive to Native Americans. That will be next Thursday, because Florida State needs time to conjure up our defense on how parading around a white guy on a horse every Satruday and having a screaming Indian logo is okay.

I could go far deeper on the amazing number of conflicting rules set forth by the NCAA, but it would be a waste of time. The list is long. The part that bothers me is that they are so wildly inconsistent. The glaring part of the bothering part is that the NCAA seems to continually make tunnel vision decisions based solely on the hot topic of the day. The lack of consistency is most borne out in the relationship of one decision to another, building a manageable framework of rules that member institutions can live by.

It’s no wonder schools now have a new position(s) in their athletic adminsitration for “compliance officers.” Imagine this: you have to have someone whose full time job is to try to interpret the varying and logic-less rules set up. That alone should signal something, right?

Perhaps it’s just me.

Keep an eye on this spin: the NCAA and defenders of the rule talking ad nauseum about how much this helps the student-athlete and how much they care about their futures. Then think of the hypocrisy of it all.


~ by mglitos on May 25, 2006.

6 Responses to “Running to Stand Still”

  1. Good luck with the book

    I think they should go to 96 teams. The top 32 get a bye and the bottom 64 play a first round. After the first games, you got teams that have only dream of winning a NCAA tournie game and you got a field of 64 to play ball. This way you get more mid-majors in and you can get every BCS school with a winning record.

  2. The NCAA Tournament should be about quality rather than a means for appeasement, no matter whom is being appeased. In most cases, it’s the mediocre teams from power conferences.

    You can blame the WAC for splitting and making the Mountain West conference. This is why we have 65 instead of 64.

    Getting back to the post, I have a question. Who is the watchdog for the NCAA?

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