Moody’s Mood for Love

Ah, sunny, crisp Friday mornings in the spring time. It’s the kind of day that reeks of benevolence…


This guy has the latest and greatest CAA web site. It’s the perfect time to begin for him–he can work out the kinks over the summer and be ready to roll come October.


The following is NOT an actual call to the OnStar hotline…

Boss: “Mick, how’s the contract negotiation with our coach coming along?”
Mick: “He kicked on two years.”
Boss: “Well keep in mind that five of our top seven donors don’t like him.”
Mick: “He won the conference championship and was voted coach of the year.”
Boss: “Well keep in mind that five of our top seven donors don’t like him.”
Mick: “True, and he passed over me for a coaching slot.”
Boss: “If these five donors bail, our development efforts are in the crapper. That doesn’t look good for me.”
Mick: “Yes.”
Boss: “And it really doesn’t look good for you.”
Mick: “I see.”
Boss: “How’s the real estate market in North Dakota?”
Mick: “Okay, I guess, but how is that relevant?”
Boss: “I would hate to have to make a decision to shut down one of our sports because we don’t have the revenue or funding.”
Mick: “Ah, that’s how it relates.”
Boss: “So how is that contract negotiation working out?”
Mick: “He left town three days ago. Didn’t you see the news conference?”
Boss: “I was at the beach.”
Mick: “We need a new coach. I know exactly where to find him.”
Boss: “Good for you. Who is it?”
Mick: “I’ll let you know after I make five phone calls.”


George Mason is apparently going to play Duke.

If you didn’t immediately think (1) Wow, what an opportunity!; and (2) Holy crap, Duke beats teams by 40 early in the season; you are lying. Yes you are.

Use your best Coach K Whiny Nasal Voice here: “Drexel finished eighth in that conference last year. Those guys beat those $%&*#@ from Chapel Hill. What are you going to do about it? Oh, and use your American Express.”


I’m off: a final edit may end today. It may end tomorrow. But I’m putting this bird down by Monday.


~ by mglitos on May 19, 2006.

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  1. Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

  2. Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations.

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