If the Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me

Come Monday, it won’t be allright…

Shawn James is taking his sinewy frame and shot blocking ability to Duquesne–you know, where his head coach at Northeastern Ron Everhart also moved. Now I could be very wrong about this, but all of Denmark is rotting.

You just don’t leave a program on the rise, on the cusp of an NIT berth, for a (1-15, 3-24) program. You don’t. Northeastern nearly beat Cal, went to the CAA semifinals, and made national news. Duquesne lost to Arkansas Pine Bluff. At home. Really.

You don’t need my commentary. Gregg Doyel said it all about a month ago.

Shawn James, meet Harding Nana.

Unreal. Yet, real.


I need to clarify Friday’s comment about UNCW getting its NIT game because of Mason. (I never realized college basketball fans are soooo sensitive until I started writing this blog. The email is hysterical. Note to therapists: I’ve got your next booming segment.)

Yes, Dub fans, you got the nod because you guys are the conference champions. It absolutely had something to do with on-court success. But the NIT initially picked up the phone and called the CAA offices, wondering if the CAA had a team that could fill an opening. You think Ron Bertovich is going to run Delaware at them? You think the NIT is calling for a CAA team (over, say, Iowa State) if Mason doesn’t get to the Final Four?


I will also keep my promise of tourney highlights from behind the scenes (and The Dub commentary). Just give me this week. Personal update: I’m finishing the book this week and sending it to the publisher. The goal is to be completed by Thursday evening and on the golf course Friday by 10:00am.

There will be Happy Hour(s). Everyone is welcomed to join me.


~ by mglitos on May 15, 2006.

6 Responses to “If the Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me”

  1. james wont be going to a team that was 3-25 last year, because the way it’s going right now, everhart is going to run everyone from that team out of town…literally, since all the returning players have 6 a.m. running sessions everyday.

  2. I think James made a bad choice, how is that an upgrade to the bottom of the A10. Northeastern and the CAA got ripped off big time.

  3. I must agree. This is a poor choice by James. I’ll avoid being politically correct and say Duquesne sucks. I don’t apologize if I offended anyone — when Westhead coached Mason, the Patriots sucked.

    Nevertheless, it’s a reality that college basketball players are becoming tied more to the coaches than the institutions. They see themselves less as student athletes and more as guys trying to fight for that NBA contract, so more players are willing to transfer to stay with their preferred coach.

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