Drink, Drank, Drunk

First, the answers:

1. The book will be released in late January/early February. It’s perfect timing for several reasons: first, some mid major team will be cruising along at 15-3 and ESPN will be giddy with the George Mason references. This is especially true if that team is, say, Hofstra. Second, it will be middle January by the time you get off your lazy tuckus and return that God-awful sweater your Aunt Millie gave you for Christmas. I say use the $20 on my book. Or, if you make a New Year’s resolution to get in shape, keep your $20 per month Gold’ Gym membership fee, go have a run through your neighborhood, and buy 12 of my books. Presto, you have a year’s worth of gifts purchased and you’re still in better shape. See, we all win.

2. One of the offending questions was provided by Unnamed Indolent Beat Writer. I’ve got to say, I have a lot more understanding of the patience of these coaches. Some of the questions they get, on multiple occassions, are hysterical. I’m shocked there aren’t more pulled cornea injuries among the coaching ranks, with all fo the eye-rolling that surely occurs.

But we are on to…

Early in the month, nobody really knows anything. Mason barely escapes Nor’Easter; Mason soundly beats VCU; and Larranaga likes his team. Interestingly, I blog about the Nor’Easter game using the term Kryptonite. No, I am not above shameless self-promotion.

ODU beats The Dub and looks like the Team of Old. Loren Stokes hurts his knee, his 38th injury of the young season.

Shawn James blocks as many shots on ODUs first possession as Alex Loughton takes in the first half–3. ODU is down 13 at home at the half. They rally to win.

After VCUs BA Walker nails a step-back, fadeaway 19-footer to beat Drexel at the buzzer, seven CAA teams are either 4-1 and 3-2 in the conference.

William & Mary’s Tony Shaver suffers a sprained cornea after being asked his goal in the Tribe’s upcoming contest against George Mason. “Win the game.” Honest, this exchange occurred.

Jim Larranaga wins his 100th CAA game against Delaware.

Dean Keener, with his team in the middle of a 12-game losing streak in which his JMU Dukes would come no closer than 15 points to any of the 12 opponents, suspends his best player and a promising freshman.

Nor’Easter launches a web site dedicated to pushing JJ Barea as national player of the year.

Tom Pecora tells me 15 minutes before Hofstra’s game against Towson that some day the ankle injury to Adrian Uter is going to bite his team in the butt. Sitting beside Towson AD Wayne Edwards at the game, I find out that Gary Neal was on the Towson campus three months before anybody knew who he was. Towson plays volleyball on the boards and beats Hofstra. Neal scores about four zillion points.

With the win, Towson moves to 3-2 in the conference, and 7-7 overall. More than 30 new cases of dandruff are discovered around the CAA with all of the head scratching.

Hofstra beats The Dub on The Island in three overtimes. One word: harbinger. A Nick George three bounces harmlessly away and VCU loses at ODU in a wonderful college basketball game. One word: filler.

On the same night, Mason eases past Nor’Easter and Hofstra beats ODU in a thriller in Norfolk. Wheat, meet chaff.

Two days later The Dub skunks Mason, setting up a three-way tie at the top of the standings. Another FIVE teams are within a game-and-a-half. Eat that one, Linda Bruno.

Late on a Wednesday night, while leaving his dorm room, Brandon Johnson is shot in the upper arm/chest.

The very next day, on very little sleep and in the middle of a hotly-contested conference race, ODU musters the cojones to gut out a win over Drexel.

Hofstra also takes down Flint’s Drangons, 76-75 in overtime. In easily the oddest sequence of the season, Hofstra goes seven minutes bridging regulation and overtime without scoring, turning a 67-61 lead into a 73-67 deficit. The Pride still trailed 75-69 with 39 seconds to play, but a barrage of free throws and a Flint technical foul later, Hofstra won.

January ended with a pile of confusion, separation, and real life issues. Intensity.

But nobody really knew that January was merely the appetizer.


~ by mglitos on April 26, 2006.

One Response to “Drink, Drank, Drunk”

  1. I actually feel sorry sometimes for said beat writer. My favorite is watching him take 60 seconds to essentially ask “How do you feel?” to Bruiser Flint after a Drexel last second shot. Bru keeps unrelenting eye contact the whole 60 seconds and his head looks like it’s going to explode. Classic.

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