End of the Innocence

Is it October 15 yet?


In case you had your head in the sand and missed it, The Dub hired Benny Moss, assistant under Bobby Lutz at Charlotte, as its head coach. I’m sure he will do fine, but the media is all over the athletics administrators for allowing the “search” to unfold as it did. Gregg Doyel even called Mike Capaccio the dumbest AD on the planet. I will agree, in the respect that Capaccio could’ve had me under contract and on the beach a month ago. But I digress.

A question: Will the reknowned Dub Style be changed? How will we all adjust?


So back to the perfect season…where I will note George Mason took out an ad in a recent Sports Illustrated with the headline Cinderella Story. What a great name for a book. I won’t sue, though, because they were very good to me and I like them.

(On the offchance that there are lawyers lurking please note that the preceding line is merely humor. No sense in firing off unnecessary emails and letters and getting a bunch of people all fired up for absolutely no reason, and then charging them $200/hour in the process to justify your existence, as if intelligent people cannot figure that kind of thing out on their own and write a perfectly good letter. Not that you’re not good at that kind of wasteful thing, but really, skip it.)

In December…
After pasting VCU in Trask, Brad Brownell is asked the dumb question, for the 47th time since Thanksgiving, why The Dub is so difficult to beat at home. Brownell correctly states that it’s because they have good players and his Idiot Meter rises at the same pace his blood pressure falls.

Before heading into Trask I eat the best bread pudding ever baked at a downtown place called Caffe Phoenix. I’m telling you.

Richmond and Norfolk are announced as finalists for the CAA tournament when the current contract expires. Vegas oddsmakers immediately give Norfolk as much chance as the Kansas City Royals.

Drew Williamson nails a buzzer-beating three pointer to defeat George Mason in a providential early-season thriller. Officials are delayed until late February so that the Hubbel Telescope can be brought to Norfolk before determining Williamson’s shot was made from a distance of 268 light years.

After bludgeoning Hofstra, Jeff Capel does his best Brad Brownell when asked about how well his offense looked. Capel responds to the moronic question by stating that any offense looks good when you make your shots.

The Dub becomes the ninth CAA team to fall to Wisconsin on a late Kammron Taylor three, and Drexel beats ODU like a rented mule. If you were smart, you would’ve read those tarot cards.

Ken Pomeroy has seven CAA teams in his top 100 RPI. Hofstra is at the bottom at #95. This is another sign we all missed.

JMUs John Naparlo leaves the Dukes basketball program to pursue a country music career. Cavell Johnson on steel guitar. Jim Larranaga tries to tell me that when he said JMU has talent, he wasn’t talking about basketball.

ODU hands DePaul its worst loss in school history, a stunning 44-point shellacking. Granted, the PF and PA column are very similar for ODU, but they sure got there a strange way.

In the season’s most controversial moment (to that point), Isaiah Hunter is given a WTF (Woofing Technical Foul) in overtime and ODU–who had made a miraculous comeback from being down 24-3–loses to Richmond. Nobody realized that it would turn out to be the biggest “now that we look back, so what?” moment of the CAA season.

Nor’Easter loses to Wright State, and two days later on the CAA coaches conference call, Brad Brownell inteppurpts Ron Everhart when he accidentally laughs into the phone and then wonders aloud: “who the heck is Wright State?” Everhart, for reasons unknown until recently, replies “ask Danny Nee.”

As the year and most of the nonconference slate concluded, ODU defeated Va Tech, and nobody really knew where the CAA stood in the whole “at large” race. There were good wins, and there were a coupla bad losses. Six CAA teams were in the top 85 in RPI.

Who knew that Mason’s loss to Mississippi State would be its last, other than Hofstra and UNCW, until the national semifinals against Florida. Wow.

Tomorrow: January.


~ by mglitos on April 25, 2006.

2 Responses to “End of the Innocence”

  1. When is your book coming out?

  2. Hey MGL,
    Please tell me that both dumb questions (to Brownell and to Capel) didn’t both come out of the same mouth (ie: an RTD writer).


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