I’m Still Standing

Off for four days of golf in Pawley’s Island. Time to bring Caledonia to its knees. I’ll see you next week, but in the interim, please ponder:

1. Six days to hire a head coach, and you get your number one guy? That Villa 7 Consortium is a winner.

2. Mike Capaccio and Edgar Johnson attended the Villa 7 get-together this past summer. I know because I sat directly in between them during the meetings. I’m not even looking for a new head coach and I walked out of there with a short list What happened?

3. Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

4. With Blaine Taylor nabbing a two-year contract extension, EIGHT of the 12 CAA head coaches were in the news within two weeks of the Final Four. Only Pat Kennedy, Tony Shaver, Dean Keener, and Michael Perry avoided a trip to the Media Mart. Am I the only one that finds it interesting that those four were at or near the bottom of the standings?

5. What hath Cinderella wrought? Coach L went from exactly what he wanted–winning at a place (GMU) in which he is very comfortable–to exactly what he wanted and dreamed–a run to the Final Four. Now he is in a place he never imagined: stardom. Go figure.

6. My sincere apologies for missing the PIT. Blame it on Coach L and all the coaching moves, as well as an editor that is pretty exacting. Nick George acquitted himself well, but JJ Barea turned on the gas, breaking a tournament record for assists and turning the ball over only three times. I loved watching the kid this year because he is always moving forward, pressuring the defense to react. I just love that style of play. Barea is going to make a pile of money; I just don’t know where.

7. Nobody made a big deal out of this, and I think it was merely a Side Note from me, but the more I think about Carlos Rivera’s CAA tourney performance, the more impressed I become. We all threw roses at Drew Williamson’s feet after his 93-minute, zero turnover performance in the 2004 CAA tourney. However Rivera played all 120 minutes in the 2005 CAA tourney, committing zero turnovers. Somebody go shake that kid’s hand.

Enjoy your week and weekend. I know I’ll enjoy mine, no matter how high the scores.


~ by mglitos on April 19, 2006.

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