(Wake Me Up) When September Ends

Man, I’m going to stink at this blog stuff this week. Consider that a warning…between yard work and house work and real work and book work and the start of softball season, my time is tight…

A List
1. I just don’t see Jim Larranaga going anywhere. My background: I know him fairly well through the book stuff, yet have no more true insight than you do. But a few things keep running through my head: Tom O’Connor is going to take care of him, the Mason community loves him, he loves the Mason community, what does he really have left to prove to anybody, at 56, he’s not exactly your prototypical “coach moving up.” Those are just off the top of my head. Why would he take NC State–to win 22 games, go to the NCAA tourney five years in a row, and get run out of town? Larranaga is smarter than that.

2. Rick Barnes to NC State? Come on. Stop with the “closer to home” garbage. The media can create any reasonable scenario they want, but none of those hacks seem to ask the question: why would Barnes really want that job? It reminds me of all those UVa foofs saying they were gonig to get Tubby Smith. Puh-leeze.

3. I repeat my message to Mike Capaccio: I am available to coach the UNCW Seahawks. I don’t need escalation clauses and a two-year contract will do. The only thing I ask is a place on the beach. (Side note to Mike Capaccio: read through this blog and you’ll see I know everything…)

4. Rodney Terry would be a great hire, and it has nothing to do with UNCW ties or anything like that. My spies tell me that he–along with Mike Hopkins at Syracuse and Josh Pastner at Arizona–are the smartest young assistants in the game. This of course assumes that Capaccio can’t find me a palce on the beach.

5. I absolutely detest gossip. But keep a close eye on who goes to Oklahoma and the dominoes…

6. Am I the only person who spontaneously bursts out into a full-fledged humming of the George Mason fight song? Seriously. I’m walking down the hall outside my office and suddenly the band strikes up. It’s that or Bon Jovi in the shower. I blame the four-corners offense they call media timeouts. Surely the actual GMU band ran out of things to play.

7. Though the city did a fantastic job with the Final Four, I’d never live in Indianapolis. Just a boring, wretched city. The shrimp cocktails at that St. Elmo’s or whatever it was were good, but not world’s best. Just me, though.

8. How could I NOT put this item here? Four mid major teams make the top 25, and The Dub gets two votes.

9. In case you missed it, Arnaud Dahi tore his ACL during the NIT semifinal against Michigan. In a season filled with illness and injury, this is darkly and unfortunately fitting for ODU.

10. Okay, now what do we do?


~ by mglitos on April 4, 2006.

One Response to “(Wake Me Up) When September Ends”

  1. re #10: I don’t know what we do now, beyond congratulating you on a fantastic blog! Good luck with the book.

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