Whirley Girl

The scene at the RCA Dome is absolutely surreal. You don’t know the bigness of it at all until you walk into the building and realize they’ve cordoned off half the place. You get to the other side and you are met by a court with a huge background and probably 10,000 fans watching a television show George Mason calls practice.

This also underscores for me the brilliance in Jim Larranaga’s Wang Chung strategy. They are having too much fun to be distracted by the bigness. The band plays the fight song (stuck in my head for three weeks now…) while the team loosens up. The team, after some presscon musings, is off for “other activities” that are shrouded in secrecy because CBS doesn’t want anyone else to know.

It’s indescribably big. I’ve been to baseball all star games and Super Bowls and I didn’t get this feeling of bigness.


Food is still bad. I paid $6.50 for a focaccia sandwich that was really a bread wedge. $2.50 for 12 ounces fo Diet Coke (gotta keep my girlish figure) and presto—bad lunch.


Actual news: Lehigh coach Billy Taylor has given Edgar Johnson and Delaware the Heisman for its coaching vacancy. Johnson is here in Indy, I imagine trying to scare up a new candidate. It shouldn’t be difficult–head coaches have brought their entire staffs.

I know they were bad this past year and lose Harding Nana, but it’s not a stinky-poo job, right? I thought you could win there. Maybe I’m wrong…


~ by mglitos on March 31, 2006.

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