Lightning Crashes

It’s a day late, but I’m going to start this Monday with a sermon. I will then get into The List:

Don’t think about next year. Don’t think about Coach L getting phone calls. Don’t think about money or impacts or seniors or Billy Packer or punches or missed free throws or mid majors or majors or minors or transportation bills or mowing the lawn.

Repeat this phrase out loud, and do it slowly. You need to get the full effect of its message. Out loud. Slowly. Listen.

Just. Enjoy. This.

You have plenty of time for all of the ramifications and impacts and building blocks and worries. Let those questions be asked next week. What is occurring here is wonderfully unique. You will read about LSU being the last 11 seed to make it to the Final Four or that Villanova as an 8-seed was the highest seed to win the natioinal championship. But really. Are teams from the Big East and SEC comparable?


And neither, quite frankly, is the run of Penn and Indiana State in 1979. College basketball was a very different game then.

This is a first time event. Nobody, including the national media, is quite sure yet what to make of this. And that is precisely the reason why you need to sit back and enjoy the moment. Don’t rob yourself of this moment. Don’t be the guy that complains about the $100 you gave him was two $50s instead of five $20s.

This is unique and may or may never happen again. It is certainly landscape-altering. Soak it up.

George Mason making the Final Four is something that every college basketball fan in the country, especially fans of mid majors, want to experience. And I don’t think there is jealousy. More of a kinship. I saw it in the Wichita fans that stood and cheered madly for Mason yesterday as if their Shockers were on the floor. Don’t cheapen it for them, either.

I repeat:

Say it out loud. Slowly. And listen.

Just. Enjoy. This.


Um, in case you’ve forgotten, Old Dominion plays in The Garden tomorrow evening in the NIT semifinals. Let’s not lose track of this significant accomplishment.

Blaine Taylor is a coach that should receive our plaudits and respect. So should this team. Keep in mind they were the ones with the name in October. It’s still the same team that everyone thought could get to the Sweet 16. Michigan is in more trouble than they think.

ODU has won 24 games and it’s not by accident or fluke.

Cheer them on tomorrow.


By the way, there are 8 teams still playing college basketball right now. Two are CAA members. Only the SEC has more.

SEC: 3
CAA: 2
Big East: 1
Big Ten: 1
PAC 10: 1


Okay, we’ll get to the list shortly. Must get some work done. As much as this whole Mason to the Final Four thing is absolutely brilliant, it’s made my workload increase exponentially.

There are far worse problems.


~ by mglitos on March 27, 2006.

3 Responses to “Lightning Crashes”

  1. I know this is a CAA blog, but heres some love for collegiate basketball in the state of virginia…obviously George Mason and ODU’s success…then Virginia Union Div II national runner up and Virginia Wesleyan Div III national champion…

  2. Great game, great post, good luck getting to Indy on the cheap!

  3. If Mason can somehow pull this whole thing off… I do reckon that MGLs book will become a bestseller.

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