Wichita Lineman

Glenn Campbell…Folarin Campbell…get it? You haven’t seen the beginning of a reach…

Not that I’m superstitious, but I had soup for lunch today. Campbell’s.

Breakfast was cereal and and English Muffin: Thomas’ (The cereal was Yogurt Cheerios, which has no discernable tie in to George Mason…)

I was researching some previous NCAA mid major numbers and came across the revenues for a school from a few years ago: Butler.

This is scary.

I’m officially nervous. Hate the rematch factor. Something just smells rotten in Denmark (capital: Copenhagen, four syllables. Larranaga: four syllables)

Anyway, I’m hitting the road, and assuming there is wireless, perhaps I’ll check in from the MCI Center. Perhaps not.

Regardless, you know where you need to be at 7:27.


~ by mglitos on March 24, 2006.

10 Responses to “Wichita Lineman”

  1. Hopefully the “Wichita Lineman” is still on the line come 9:30pm tonight!!

    Go Mason!!!

  2. I’m so amped for tonight’s game! Can’t wait to be at the Verizon Center even though I’ll need binoculars to see the court from Section 413.

    C’mon Mason! I’ve got the rematch jitters. Wichita St. is going to play a better game than they did a month ago. We just have to be that much better again.

  3. No Class: Mason Players, fan and coaches.


  4. Hey, when’s your book coming out? After reading this blog all season, I have to know how it turned out.

  5. Mason up 35-19 at the half.

    My hometown is 45 minutes from Villanova and I spent a summer taking classes at Boston College, yet I still find myself more interested in Mason-Wichita State than BC-Nova. Go figure.

  6. paymon: section 413 huh? I was in 419 .. student section baby.

    We were LOUD tonight . GOD WHAT FUN!

  7. Tony Skinn is still, and will always be, a thug.

  8. I was wrong. I was in 410. I envy your student section tix.

    Did anyone stick around the robbery of the UW Huskies? I don’t know what Calhoun told the refs at halftime after he got a deserved technical foul, but they got about every call imaginable. I wanted to vomit.

  9. Paymond: A lot of us went back to Fairfax to party our asses off. Every bar in Fairfax was packed, and DC … even the Johnson Center had 2000+ kids there watching the game.

    But the place to be was the game!

  10. Forget the book. No one will believe it. No way a team from the lowly CAA makes the Final Four. Simply bad fiction.

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