Don’tcha Go ‘Way Mad

Tom Pecora was asked Monday night, after Hofstra’s win at St. Joe’s, if he ever wondered “what if” in regards to George Mason’s run into the Sweet 16.

Pecora laughed, and said “No. It’s not life or death. It’s just basketball.”

All we’re trying to do here folks is have some fun. And you have to be smart to participate.


Pretty cool, no?


Prediction on tonight’s ODU at Hofstra game: it will be close, just like every other game in this series.

I worry: ODU is tired. Playing late Monday then heading out to the Island. It’s been a tumultuous season for the Monarchs.

I worry: Hofstra is tired. Playing a lot of minutes will eventually catch up. And Loren Stokes tweaked his ankle Monday night.

In the end: Both teams are tired. This will be one of the uglier performances from the CAA. Hofstra 61, ODU 59.


Bruiser to Temple? My spies tell me it’s Fran Dunphy’s to turn down. Of course other spies tell me it’s a combo deal of Rick Brunson and Metro State coach Mike Dunlap.

Which gets me to thinking: grown men talking about the coaching carousel is a lot like a bunch of old women jibber-jabbering during a game of canasta. Nobosy really knows what they are talking about, but everybody has a great theory and thinks they are right.

Admit: men can gossip just as badly as women. Only we discuss Louis Orr and RPI conspiracies, not Jennifer Anniston and Aunt Millie’s new boyfriend.


~ by mglitos on March 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “Don’tcha Go ‘Way Mad”

  1. I don’t know why ODU is tired, they have played 3 games in 3 weeks. Plus in the NIT, Taylor has really been spreading the minutes out. Hofstra give ODU a hard time because Uter matches up well with Loughton, if they will just use Dahi more I think Hofstra could have a tough time.

  2. does anyone calculate the RPI in the postseason? I would be interested to see howmuch it has jumped, with all these road/neutral wins against top 50 teams. All of a sudden GMU, Hofstra, and ODU’s profiles look much better, I hope these wins don’t get ignored.

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