First, I feel for you tired, oppressed, forgotten, disrespected, scorned George Mason fans. You just aren’t getting the treatment you deserve from this blog.

I cannot believe my oversight.

How about this? You and I have known what the national media is just now finding out. Mason is good. Enjoy it. Enjoy Livan Hernandez on the cover today’s USA Today. I’ve been writing about it since November. I can’t help I have nothing to add to obvious game results we both knew were coming. Read their stuff, knowing you already knew it all. So did I.

Stop being so miserable and creating strife when you have none. You should be toasting success.

What’s that?

Oh, Sammy Hernandez.



Four things from my visit to Hawk Hill and watching Hofstra gut one out against St. Joe’s.

1. That place is worth the price of admission. What a great place to watch a college basketball game.
2. Hofstra was just plain better than St. Joe’s. Period.
3. You can add Gary Prager to your list of Officials I Don’t Want to See. Lab rats have better days than he had. He was horrible. Just horrible.
4. Abdul Jollah is the cheapest player I’ve ever seen.


How many of you, in November, say that you would take ODU at Hofstra for a shot at The Garden as the highlight of the CAA season? Well, check out these two weeks:

FRI: Mason beats Michigan State, Bitch Slap #4 to the face of Billy Packer.

SUN: Mason knocks off the defending champs in the Big Dance.

MON: Hofstra wins on the road at St. Joe’s and ODU wins at home against Manhattan.

WED: ODU plays Hofstra and the winner plays in MSG in the NIT semis.

FRI: Mason plays in the Sweet 16

SUN: Mason plays in the Great 8 (MUCH better than Elite Eight)

TUE: ODU/HU winner plays in NIT semis

THU: ODU/HU winner plays in the NIT finals.


~ by mglitos on March 21, 2006.

12 Responses to “40”

  1. so one fan says something about no coverage on your site and you write a whole blog bashing Mason fans… our team beats MSU and UNC and they get three sentences. You are such a fraud.

  2. Please. As a Mason alumnus, I am somewhat ashamed. Let’s not bash the blog. I’m probably saying that because I discovered this blog months after I should have.

    Not everyone is going to be as enthusiastic about a CAA team not of preference going far. Trust me, I wouldn’t be thrilled if Wilmington went far. Sure, I bragged to no end when I described to friends about exactly how they’d beat a hot, much-bantied about USC team.

    Nevertheless, I’m stoked. All Mason stalwarts should be too. The nation is quickly finding out how much of a likeable goofball Coach Larranaga is.

  3. no no no…… lets be very honest here…. mason is getting alot of the media attention….. and they deserve it…. but lets be very honest in whats happening here…..the CAA is dominating…..they are 6-1 in postseason play (uncw should have won) and the fact that at St. Joes last night the hofstra faithful chanted JOE- LUNARDI, JOE LUNARDI – YOU SUCK…..is a big step for everyone…….I really believe this….the more you speak of mids, the better it is….at this point, everyone knows THE VALLEY….which is a joke because everone knows GMU blasted Wich state……so lets all root for CAA, because to be honest this year, they were better than most…..and were top 5 conferences in the country……..

  4. mgl needs thicker skin.

  5. Will you be making an appearance at the CAA Bowl in Long Island?

  6. I wish I’d been at St. Joe’s to hear that Joe Lunardi chant. That’s awesome.

  7. Not to toot my own horn here….ok well maybe to toot my own horn, but im taking credit for the Lunardi chant the other night…and yes it was hysterical

  8. You’re supposed to root for your conference in the non-conference games. If Mason makes the Final Four, then it looks damn good for the whole conference. Something like that would affect next year’s seeding & field whether or not the committee cares to admit it.

  9. Another Mason alumnus here. I too do not believe that the whining about Mason’s coverage here is warranted. Keep up the great work, mgl!

  10. It’s a Blog, not a newspaper. MGL is under no obligation (morally, ethically, or contractually) to cover CAA teams equally or at all. It’s his online diary of whatever the hell he wants to write and if you don’t like it, quit reading.

    That said, you do have a tendency to club the lot of us over the misguided comments of a few. Not very fair.

    Honest question, not a taunt – hindsight being 20/20, do you wish you’d covered Mason as one of your three schools for the book rather than VCU or ODU?

  11. A few things, since I love lists:

    1. I’m not intending to club everyone. It’s fun and I try to keep it light. Enjoy the spirit of it.

    2. You are right, and wrong. Yes, I would’ve loved to have had Mason as one of the three, but…

    2a. I was fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time with Coach L preseason and early season. There already was a ton of Mason stuff in the book anyway.

    2b. Mason was a part of almost every big game that was played this year. By default, I’ve covered Mason probably more than VCU.

    2c. You were blind if you couldn’t see by about Jan. 10 what kind of season Mason was going to have. It was too easy (see 2b) to shift focus.

    2d. Much of the content of the book is the struggle of mid majors. To that end, I have a pile of MVC info in it. To a small degree, the teams I covered closely are irrelevant. The story is the at large bid and the money. Who earns it is merely “Best Supporting Actor” material. Make sense?

    All of that said: there is no question that yes, I would’ve liked to have had Mason pegged. Yes, it would have made it better. But its impact to the content of the book isn’t huge.

    Hope that helps.

  12. I like that week synopis! I so hope it comes true. Mason in the Final 4, ODU in MSG NIT final. Boo YA!

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