Hold On

Cheer Em On

George Mason at 2:20ish

(also receiving cheers…)
Bradley at High Noon
Bucknell opposite Our Patriots
NW State a snadwich later than that


We’ll talk about it all later. For now, just cheer and enjoy.


I’ll likely be in Philly tomorrow for Hofstra’s game at St. Joe’s.


~ by mglitos on March 19, 2006.

9 Responses to “Hold On”

  1. Wow. I’m shocked that you haven’t written anything about the Mason win yet. If it was someone else, you would have written two pages of stuff by now.

  2. he is a VCU homer!

    and MASON sucks, screw this CAA lovin….

  3. Mason upsets UNC.

    Wow, the CAA has a Sweet 16 team!

  4. George Mason / Wichita State. Wow the CAA has a REAL good chance for an elite 8 team…. this is amazing.

  5. “and MASON sucks, screw this CAA lovin….”

    hi, that Mason team that “sucks” just beat Michigan State and the defending National Champions, UNC .. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!


  7. Screw Mason. No f’ing class….

  8. ” Screw Mason. No f’ing class….”

    How is that? Care to specify a bit?

  9. Don’t you love these people who put up anonymous hate messages?

    Identify yourselves. You aren’t to the level of Packer, but getting there.

    On a side note, a friend of mine told me that Nantz mentioned Mason and Bradley making the Sweet 16 about 20-30 times and Packer ignored it every time.

    But honestly, the detractors should be happy for either Mason or the CAA. This gives the conference major street credibility when future committees assemble to select the 34 at-large teams.

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