Let’s Give Them Somrthing to Talk About…

Oh, do we have much to talk about…I’m fresh off the golf course and need some lunch and some more hoops.

We’ll discuss Mason.

We’ll discuss Packer.

We’ll just discuss.

Because being a mid major, right now, is a great thing.


Just wanted to let you guys know I’m alive.

Nice work by Maryland.

The CAA: 4-1 in postseason.


Today’s Side Note: Stop the Hofstra versus Mason stuff. I’ll tell you why on that later, too. Right now, I’m all about a pastrami sandwich and Wichita State.


~ by mglitos on March 18, 2006.

2 Responses to “Let’s Give Them Somrthing to Talk About…”

  1. As a WSU alum (Xavier McDaniel was leading D1 in rebounding when I was there), I am giddy as all hell with beating a BC$ school – especially $EC regular-season champ Tennessee.

    Now it is George Mason’s turn to enter the Sweet Sixteen. Beat Carolina.

    Just a note, if Mason wins, will the blog entry on Friday be called …

    “It’s Friday, I’m In Love” – The Cure


  2. Here is something else to ponder in the …

    Attack of the Mid-Majors!!!

    Who is on the bigger hot seat from their alumni …

    Gary Williams at Maryland for ending up in the NIT for two years straight .. and getting bounced at home this year as a 1 seed …

    or Bill Self at Kansas, who in back to back years, lost to double digit seeds from mid-major conferences in the first round
    of the NCAA tournament?


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