Holiday Roads

Vacation Day.

And that doesn’t mean I’ll be on this friggin blog.

I’ll be holing up at a local establishment for a lunch meeting. Then having some dinner. Then re-holing up at a local Irish establishment. Come on. Other than Dan Bonner and Bill Raftery, none of these teevee talking heads are worth a dookie. You don’t need volume. Just pictures.

Besides, is there a better way to enjoy The Best Day of the year than singing Irish folk songs while watching the NCAA tournament? And you can’t sing? And it doesn’t matter? And you’re watching basketball?

I rest my case.


I’ve decided I’m over the Packer/Nantz thing. They are entitled to their opinions, even if they are wrong. I listened to a clip of Nantz decrying the fact that Houston didn’t make the field over Hofstra or George Mason. The uninformed opinion was the proverbial straw.

Nantz had no idea that the CAAs SIXTH team, VCU, beat Houston, at Houston. On a tip in by a kid that couldn’t sniff the court after the first of the year and is no longer on the team. This is the same VCU team that lost to Hofstra in the CAA tournament and was swept by Mason.

But I digress…


Okay, maybe I’m not over it. I guess I’m just tired of writing the obvious. Kind of like advising you, my loyal readers, that fire is hot.



Saw this nugget from Gregg Doyel and CBS Sportsline.

My comment: the more I read his stuff, the more I like Gregg Doyel. Second comment: makes me appreciate Jeff Capel and Blaine Taylor and Jim Larranaga all the more. You think Calipari is suspending one of his players?


ODU got it done last night against Colorado in the NIT. Maryland is most likely next. Sometimes, I adore fate.

Wait a minute…Billy? Jim? That’s a major conference bubble team playing at home beaten by the lowly fourth best CAA team. It can’t be!

(Today’s Side Note: and strictly inside my own head…let it go, Michael. Let it go…)

Speaking of go…Hofstra 73, Nebraska 66. The home court winning streak goes to 21.


I’m not going to be picking every game. You don’t need that. This however, is how I see today going, in s top 10 list form:

1. Wichita State beats Seton Hall. The Pirates are just happy to be in the dance. WSU has something to prove.

2. I like Bama over Marquette for no other reason than the More Offensive Weapons thought process. (Like it’s any worse than any other dime store analysis…)

3. Everybody is picking Wisc/Milw. to upset Oklahoma, and that’s exactly why I’m with the Sooners. Upsets are almost always the ones you don’t pick. Ditto Indiana and SDSU. Pick the Bobby Knights. (Though I will say that “SDSU” looks great on a sweatshirt.)

4. I should be rooting for mid majors. I should be patriotic. However, I’ll be man enough to admit I want Illinois to beat Air Force by about 463 points. Yes, I can be bitter and vindictive at the same time. And don’t listen to the guys that think Air Force can hang with the Illini. They can’t and won’t. Those guys that are predicting and wanting Air Force to win are like those women that date and marry guys in prison.

5. Everybody has LSU playing into the second weekend. See #3 above and that’s why I wouldn’t be surprised to see Iona win this one. Now, I will state that I, too, have LSU winning two games. But I didn’t have them winning three because something in the back of my mind keeps whispering “Steve Burtt.”

6. The Dub will give GDub all it can handle, but I don’t know. Keep in mind, though, that I tend to be skittish on the teams I want to win. If “my team” falls behind 2-0, I usually bemaon the fact that we’re about to lose by 20. Really. That said, this should be one of the better games of the day.

7. Xavier and Gonzaga. I can’t think of a more compelling matchup that I am less interested in. Kind of like American Idol. I’ll tune in for a few minutes so that I can talk about it, but I really don’t care.

8. Utah State and Washington will be one of those games that’s about 34-30 at the half, and Washington slowly but surely pulls away in the second half and rolls. It’s scheduled appropriately, because it gets you into that well-known game with yourself. You know which one: “When Can I Safely Go To Bed?” You don’t want to turn it off, but you’re dead tired. You want to be able to tell your friends that you saw the upset, but at some point you lose hope that it will occur. Where is that line of demarcation that allows you to turn off the teevee without guilt or second-guessing?

9. If Montana plays Nevada in Salt Lake City in November, your first question is: “Are they in the same conference?” You know it is.

10. I’ve commented on every game except the below. Winners to me are obvious:
a. PU/BC–insert your own joke here
b. Winthrop/Tennessee–if you separate them by a comma, it could be a city that you are from: Winthrop, Tennessee
c. USA/FLA–agate type, in my mind. It will be Saturday before FLA chokes.
d. Belmont/UCLA–the poster child for buy games, though Belmont will have to share its take.
e. Texas A&M/The Cuse–I have too many friends that are Cuse fans. This should be a good one. Note to McNamara: you’re not overrated, and shave the Bucket Beard. Whomever told you that is a good look, lied.
f. Southern/Duke–Try this fun game with friends, if you are a wagering fool: at what point does Coach K clear his bench, and at what point does CBS switch over to anotehr game? Vegas would love those two over/unders on the clock.


~ by mglitos on March 16, 2006.

5 Responses to “Holiday Roads”

  1. We should have a running pool to see how many times Nantz and Packer talk about Air Force, Utah State, George Mason, and others.

  2. I think a mid-major team (Wichita State) just wiped the floor on a Big East Billy Packer Power Conference team. Wonder if he was silent during the game.

  3. Hofstra won 73-62…11 point victory

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