The Time of Your Life

We’re going to talk about everything eventually. We have a couple of days. We certainly have enough material.

I love that The Dub gets a nine seed. And I’m happy for George Mason. Amid all the screaming and yelling, don’t forget this: the CAA received its first at large bid in 20 years tonight.

We should all toast that fact.


But first, let’s have some fun. Here is my log. This is my mind, presented to you, as it whirred through the Selection Show. It has been edited for typos and horrific grammar. Everything else stays as written:

6:00—My man Greg Gumball tells us its the 25th year CBS covering March Madness…Seth Davis chimes “lots of surprises for me…” I smell a commercial…

6:05—they finally stop talking about #1 seeds and show nine schools that they visited. None are from the CAA. Jan Brady?

6:06—off to first commercial. I hate Cingular.

6:07—first kiss from girlfriend. “I have Cingular,” she says, shaking her head in that “you’re an idiot” way.

6:10—Atlanta bracket. UNCW gets GW. The Dub is a 9 seed. They will win. Texas A&M is in as a 12. Thought so. Not a surprise they are in, but don’t like to see them. The backdoor third team takes a hit. Okay maybe the Dub won’t win.

6:12—Atlanta is done. Dub will get Duke. Penalty for the third team? I am a dreamer. Seth Davis questions the Aggies. I’m kind of liking Seth Davis.

6:14—Oakland is next. My palms have legit but barely discernable sweat. Kind of like the sweat in your pants early in a golf round in the springtime. You know what I’m talking about. Sonic has kicked off the first “Official Bad Commercial With Basketball Tie In.” Sadly, we’re going to see that one multiple times.

6:19—Arkansas pops up. I get really nervous when the 8 seeds come up. Hey, I can argue a nine seed, right? Crap. There’s Bradley.

6:21—I hate Oakland. I wish I hadn’t finished off the beer last night. I’ve gone to the shirt to wipe the palms and requested a paper towel.

6:23—You think they could pump the MMOD a little more? I pretty much have everything except the source code. Lowe’s has given us the first supposed-tear jerker commercial. Bring a hankie, if only to puke into. I can feel anger beginning to build.

6:27—Greg Gumball mocks me. DC, anyone? UAB? Crap. That’s really not good. Someone can beat Washington. Unfortunately, it’s Utah State. Didn’t I just see them miss a bunch of wide open layups? Will the last person that leaves, please turn out the lights? Air Force? Air Force? Air Force? It’s tough to type with my jaw on the floor.

6:29—Seton Hall is in. That’s it. I’m done. This bracket could be the death of me.

6:30—Holy Crap. George Mason as an 11 seed? Just when I didn’t think it could get worse, I’m shocked into life. Air Force: stupefied in the words of Seth Davis. I honestly don’t know what to think right now. It’s Michigan State. Interesting, eh? ODU. Lord, I’m stunned right now. That bracket is freaking bizzaro world. CBS is headed to commercial break and I’m shocked. Stunned. And I’m Seth Davis: stupefied.

6:32—Shit. Cameras go to Hofstra and see a downtrodden Hofstra Pride team. But I don’t recognize anyone. They oughta be sad. They are about to get jobbed. Badly. My first thought is to look at Utah State and Air Force and say there is no way on God’s green Earth that the committee didn’t look at number of teams from every conference. There is just no way. So far I’ve only counted three MVC teams, but that last bracket jumbled my brains. I can’t figure this out, but I know the next hour or so will be telling.

6:35—Side note: I like the idea of showing highlights from past tourneys. Now let’s go to Minneapolis. Northern Iowa will end it. Fourth MVC team. Body of work and three months? Not sure I like that. Completely conflicting with last 10 games.

6:38—Cincy out? Wow. I cannot understand GMU over Hofstra. I really cannot. Air Force?

6:41—26 of 34 at large bids to power conferences. Mason wasn’t even the last four in.

6:42—Air Force? Billy Packer is a tool. Cracking on the MVC and computers.

6:42 (still)—Air Force?

6:43–Eliminate the first half of Kansas’s season, Billy Packer? How about we eliminate your voice box? You are an idiot.

6:44—Billy Packer with no comment on George Mason.

6:48—Littlepaige has put on a tie. This is going to be a doozie interview. Air Force question? Message is that there’s great basketball played throughout the country? A difficult team to beat? You’re kidding, right? That’s how you selected them?

6:50—The MVC question. Nantz busting their hump about the ACC. I’m fine with four MVC and 2 CAA. I just can’t get past GMU over Hofstra. Littlepaige giving his salvo to major schools playing teams.

6:52—What is the deal with Billy Packer and cracking on mid major teams? Seven of 10 members not from power conferences. That’s a bold statement. Clearly Littlepaige is saying play somebody.

6:53—Did I mention Billy Packer is a tool? By the way, this is the most difficult interview I’ve ever seen. Wow! Both love Michigan State. How much Mason is in you?

6:56—Seth Davis had the balls to to disagree with Billy/Jim. So did Clark.

7:17—Ordering some Chinese food.

7:28—called Tom Pecora. Voice mail.


~ by mglitos on March 13, 2006.

6 Responses to “The Time of Your Life”

  1. 4 teams going into a tournament

    Hofstra, ODU – NIT

    Very good year for CAA!

  2. Someone tell me how Hofstra is one of the first four out of the NCAA and yet a 3 seed in the NIT? They get only 1 home game???!!! Lousiville and Maryland are 1 seeds???? Let’s talk about how much of a joke these new NIT seeds are too.

  3. Great thoughts on the bracket show. Nice running diary. I second the billy packer being a tool comments. I swear if I hear him or digger phelps give another snot nosed statement about a mid major team i will hope a bandwagon full of major conference team fans runs over them.

  4. The whole thing is a scam. Why doesnt everyone wake up and smell the coffee. Hofstra to be honest, is a mystery. Do you even think anyone even knows where they are from. I mean come on. CAA no respect. Its a joke, Maryland blows and so does St. Joes.

  5. Great Job on the diary. This is going to be a rant – sorry in advance.

    All Nance and Packer were saying was that if you do not play in a BCS conference, do not bother b/c you just do not belong here. The arguments they made were without merit at best or just plain wrong – the mid-major scheduling of games (major schools duck the little guys), and reciting history of past tournaments (the tourney is based on this year) that is what is wrong with the great game of basketball – TV money.

    The irony of all of this is that during the preview to the selection show, they were showing all the upsets (Valpo, Princeton, etc.) but CBS only likes them after the fact, when they can show them on replay, for the romance of it. CBS hates the small teams b/c ratings take a hit.

    I hope this is a watershed moment for College Hoops, I hope the message from the committee was heard loud and clear and that big teams need to stop ducking the little guys, because there is great basketball played all over the country. The landscape is changing very quickly, the big schools will continue to find it hard to reload every year when High School Kids run off the NBA or only stay in school a year, while the mid’s can have guys play four years together.

    As a matter of full disclosure, I am a Hofstra Grad, but did not play Basketball.

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