If I Could Turn Back Time

Lucky for you I am a geek, a smidge vindictive, and still a bit under the weather. That combination provided me some time this morning to run these numbers for you, Billy Packer, and Jim Nantz:

Since 2002, major conference schools seeded #6 or worse have gone a combined 42-44 in the NCAA tournament. They have placed 12 teams in the Sweet 16. In the same period, nine mid majors have made the Sweet 16.


2002: 11-14 (Texas, UCLA, Missouri)
2003: 12-11 (Maryland, Michigan State, Auburn)
2004: 9-10 (Alabama, Vanderbilt)
2005: 10-9 (Wisconsin, NC State, West Virginia Texas Tech)

The Note:This is in response to Billy Packer’s assertion that major schools perform so much better than mid majors in the NCAA tournament. My point is this: higher seeded teams like Duke and Kentucky are obviously better. Nobody is dusputing that. Entering that data into the discussion is nothing more than a distraction.

I am trying to show that the borderline major teams–and I picked the #6 seed as the cutoff–fare no better than quality mid majors.

So what does this mean?

I’m proving this: there is no significant difference in the performance of borderline major teams and good mid majors. You can talk and write until you are blue in the face about who is better suited and my point is that it doesn’t matter. At this point it is all about matchups because the teams are comparable.

But the Packers and Nantz’s of the world will rejoice in the heartwarming Cinderella Story.

Which makes them hypocrites.


~ by mglitos on March 13, 2006.

9 Responses to “If I Could Turn Back Time”

  1. Anybody know how to e-mail Meat Packer and the Soup Nantz.

  2. Awesome research. That’s why they pay you the big bucks, my friend. Since I’m too lazy to figure it out, what are those 9 mid major teams that have made the Sweet 16 since 2002?

  3. ESPN ripped Nancy Pants and Fudge Packer a new one. Link is on main page I believe.

  4. Ah, yes, the mids:

    2002 (Kent State, S. Illinois)
    2003 (Butler)
    2004 (St. Joe’s, UAB, Nevada, Xavier)
    2005 (Wisc-Milwaukee, Utah)

  5. MGL,
    Before the season gets away from us, I just want to thank you for the incredible job you’ve done covering the CAA. It’s guys like you who are helping give the mid-majors the attention they deserve.
    I love your writing and hope you continue this site. Thanks in advance for making this season that much more enjoyable! Good luck with your book.

    R Scolamiero

  6. MGL I second Scolamiero’s comments about your stuff!
    Do you think Yeager spoke up for Hofstra or yielded to the GMU bias of O’Connor and Littlepaige/Larranaga. Should Hostra leave this Southern oriented league and join the A10…easier travel, more local rivalries and more respect?

  7. Anonymous: I think any team would go from CAA to A10 if the opportunity for them was available.

    And I can almost guarantee that Yeager vouched for Hofstra just as much as Mason. He doesn’t have bias towards a CAA team. O’Connor being on the committee I don’t think made much of a difference.

    Hofstra should have been in over Air Force or Utah State, simple as that.

  8. Interesting note about A10 and CAA though, although not basketball related, all A10 schools will be playing football for the CAA next year, as A10 has decided to rid football.

  9. http://www.caasports.com/sports/news/release.asp?RELEASE_ID=2954

    There’s an article about Yeager HIGHLY defending Hofstra (not over Mason, just that they should have been selected as well, comparing them to Marquette.)

    And btw, Littlepaige is on the record saying that Mason vs Hofstra wasn’t even considered. They had Mason over Hofstra all the way.

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