Tiny Dancer

Hmmmm…my mind is pretty random on most days. Cold medicine tends to inhibit the filter. Hence, the vomiting of info and thoughts…


Don’t be surprised is any of these teams are in or out, regardless of what anyone says. Keep in mind that The Flatleys have already taken their first vote. Nobody has access to them. (You need a special passcode to get in touch with them at their hotel.)

So everybody, including Joe Lunardi (probably most plugged in of all national experts), is speculating right along with you. He doesn’t know any more about who is in that me, you, or my English Bulldog, Buddha.

Don’t buy any of the “if UTEP makes a run” arguments. It’s kind of like the Presdiential primary races in Kansas: gets a lot of people talking, but doesn’t make a hill of beans difference.

The List
George Mason
Texas Agriculture and Mining
Seton Hall
Pick any three MVC teams except Southern Illinois


~ by mglitos on March 10, 2006.

2 Responses to “Tiny Dancer”

  1. I just wish ESPN didnt have such an influence on everyone. They screwed Hofstra with a BS bracketbuster game and didnt put them on TV and gave them a home game vs no name Siena. Now Lunardi only has one CAA team in. This league gets no respect. Three teams in the top 30 RPI and Lunardi is saying only one bid. How is that possible. Can someone please answer me? He doesnt even mention Geroge Mason anymore and Hofstra is out and Michigan is in?? Impossible. Someone explain?

  2. This is their racket. They string you along all season making you think that they are giving other teams credit. Then when crunch time comes they value bad major conference teams over the mid-majors. It’s all a ploy to keep readers like us interested.

    All these upsets by bad teams in the major conferences tells me one thing. That the major conferences and top tier teams are not as good as everyone thinks they are. Even Duke. Expect lots of upsets this year.

    What needs to occur is that those teams from the Mid Major conferences that do get into the tourney do well. They need to win at list their opening round games. Also those worthy teams that get dumped into the NIT need to make a run in that tournament and I’d like to see one of them win it. Hopefully those people that will make the brackets will not fall into the same rouse as the reporters.

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