You Got the Hooch

I’m trying to do a decent amount of reading this week, to make sure I have every angle covered. I know I read this somewhere, but I cannot remember where. The point is that this isn’t my thought, but I wholeheartedly agree with it:

There are a pile of bubble teams getting the job done this year. It seems in other years, some teams will win while others will lose in big games. But not this year. To wit:

  • The CAA needed HU and UNCW to get to the finals in order to maintain the semblance of three teams. It did.
  • The five and six seed in the MVC won their way to the finals. Bradley got it done, as well as SIU.
  • Florida State
  • Syracuse
  • Texas A&M
  • Arkansas
  • Seton Hall (until last night)
  • Indiana

I know there are others, but I’ll stop there because you get the picture. These teams have made it incredibly difficult on The Flatleys this year.

Selection Sunday is gonig to be a doozie.


How does Maryland without that McRae Brainiac make the tourney and Mason without Skinn miss it? This goes back to my “missing player” comment from yesterday, only in reverse. If you’re going to make excuses for majors losing without major players you have to give mids the same leeway. And conversely, if you’re going to hold missing Skinn against Mason, you have to hold missing McRae against Maryland.


What did last night do to clear/muddy the at large picture?

I don’t know. Let’s see what today brings us.


Today’s Side Note: (And only because it is hysterical to me that these things are discussed right now.)

Bruiser Flint has been named as a candidate in the hunt for a replacement for John Chaney at Temple, assuming Chaney is ready to call it career. Jeff Capel has been identified as a candidate to replace Rod Barnes at Missisissippi.

Keep in mind, and I cannot say this strongly enough: take this report with a large grain of salt. Coaches who fit logically or win a bunch are gonig to be “named,” whether or not there is one bit of interest by either the coach or the school.

If I search the Internet enough, I’ll find a list with my name on it to replace Mike Davis at Indiana. Yours, too.


~ by mglitos on March 9, 2006.

9 Responses to “You Got the Hooch”

  1. I totally didn’t see that I was 2 weeks late with my comment about the craziness of Missouri St.’s wild RPI. I wonder if some team is going to schedule Arkansas St. twice in order to “crack the RPI code”.

    Regarding today’s blog, Southern Illinois was the 2 seed (not 6) in their tournament. They were 12-6 with tie-breakers over Missouri St. and Creighton.

    From that list, I’d strike Arkansas (they’re totally in) and Indiana (barring a catalysmic Thursday). I’d insert Arizona sans Hassan Adams, because they just don’t play any defense and their best win was against Kansas in the Jayhawks’ first seven games of the year — completely different team since. California is also on that list.

  2. When are you going to add RSS feeds?

  3. If you take the current RPI and just use it to determine who gets in the line goes between Maryland and Texas A&M. If you want to put somebody in after Maryland(excellent idea)…who goes.I think Maryland ,Arkansas, UAB,Creighton and Air Force should go out in that order.

    Interesting Thought. GW loses first round. Their RPI drops to 30:sos 209; OOC SOS 323 AND their best player injured.Hmmm.

    OOC Sos for in/bubble teams= Fla 252; GW 323;BC 283; AF 270 ;NC ST 203; UAB 154; Arkansas 312; Tex A&M 250; Fla. St. 317.If SOS matters, it should matter for all teams not just the CAA.

    Conference USA is ranked 13- When CAA was a 13 it was a one bid.

  4. My understanding is that having a player out (Skinn) cannot effect selection – only seeding.

  5. Viewer Mail…

    1. I was referring to SIU and Bradley being the fifth and sixth option for the MVC going into their tourney. Pardon me leaving out details early in the morning. I’m a coffee junkie.

    2. Could not be more interested in the GW note. That is brilliant. You tend to overlook the numbers for a 26-1 team, but wow. We’ll jump on that later today…

    3. RSS will come one day when I find the time. ETA: October 15. Earlier if you want to chip in to pay my mortgage. Sorry.

    4. Injured player only affecting seeding, not selection: poppycock. Note who says those things (Larranaga, etc.). I’m all about the CAA and three bids, but Coach L knows spin, too.

  6. From Andy Katz:

    “According to a source close to the committee, suspension issues like the one with Skinn (he punched Loren Stokes of Hofstra in the groin in the CAA semifinals to earn the suspension) typically impact seeding, not selection, which would be based on a body-of-work evaluation.”

  7. “Dewey Defeats Truman”

  8. ESPN Bubble watch had a simular post stating that an Injured or Suspended player should not affect whether a team gets in or not but should cause the seeding to go down some.

    It would be a shame if Mason get’s axed because Skinn is out. That would mean the season really doesn’t mean anything at all.

  9. Well, just for reference. Syracuse is now in the dance. The question though, does a CAA contender now get dropped out because of that? If so, good Mason or Hofstra (who in my opinion are neck and neck).

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