Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Is today the start of the longest five days in your life? Well, your college basketball life anyway…

I decided to start using the ye olde Thomas Paine approach to this whole at large bid debate.

There are people paid to follow RPI and common opponents and last 10 games and road record and record vs. teams ranked 51-100 in the RPI and non-conference RPI. I don’t need to deal with all of that mess. You can use the handy-dandy links on the right side of this page for that.

No, I’ll point out a few eyebrow raisers, argue from a common sense standpoint, and let you make the final call. (That’s the Thomas Paine reference, for those of you that have forgotten sixth grade.)


That said, here we go with a lunch time look, remembering, of course, Jay Bilas:

One-Bid Conferences (18): AE, A-Sun, Big South, Big Sky, Big West, Horizon, Ivy, MAAC, MidCon, MAC, MEAC, Northeast, OVC, Southern, Southland, SWAC, Sun Belt, West Coast.

Rickey Henderson Conferences (3): A10, Patriot, WAC
Bucknell, GW, and Nevada are in. They’d better win the conference tourney or a bid is stolen because these are one-bid conferences. Gonzaga, barely, did its job last night.

Bonnie & Clyde Locks (42): These guys are going, no matter what anyone says.

• ACC (5): Duke, North Carolina, BC, NC State, Florida State
• Big 12 (4): Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M
• Big East (8): UConn, Villanova, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Marquette, Georgetown, Seton Hall, Cincy
• Big Ten (7): Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana
• Colonial (1): UNCW
• Conference USA (2): Memphis, UAB
• Missouri Valley (4): Wichita State, Bradley, Missouri State, Southern Illinois
• Mountain West (1): Air Force
• Pac-10 (4): UCLA, Washington, Arizona, Cal
• SEC (6): Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama

“I coulda been a contendah…”

George Mason
Northern Iowa
Utah State
San Diego State


I’ve decided to call the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee The Flatleys. Jalapeno Krunchers potato chips, while the food of the Gods, can do strange things to you.


About Bucknell…everybody has them in, for sure. But let’s start looking at a few things…the Syracuse and DePaul wins aren’t looking all that spectacular anymore and Bucknell lost in the Bracket Busters to Northern Iowa.

In its 24-4 record, the Bison are 17-0 against 200 or worse RPI teams. Its SOS is worse than Hofstra. The Patriot League is #21.

I’m just saying…


I’ve got California in based solely on the fact that I cannot see fewer than four Pac 10 teams in the tourney and a young man named Leon Powe. But with an RPI hovering in the high 50s, perhaps they are a bit closer to the bubble than my mind allows. Maybe not. All I know is I’m rooting for (I think) USC in the PAC 10 tourney.


I love the work of Pat Forde, but that pink shirt he wore last night needs to find either the trash can or the 1980s.


~ by mglitos on March 7, 2006.

3 Responses to “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz”

  1. First-time reader, first-time commenter. Great points about Bucknell. I also predict the brackets and sort of assumed them to be around a 9 or 10 assuming they win the Patriot League tournament. Now, I think they’re no better than a 12.

    Moving on, FSU and Texas A&M are not locks for the tournament. They’re both in my 65 currently, but a team like Northern Iowa has a much stronger resume than either team despite playing poorly down the stretch.

    Heading out west, I can see the Pac-10 with 3 teams. Who has Cal beaten this season? A bunch of lousy Pac-10 teams. Sure, they’ve beaten UCLA on the road, but they couldn’t hold serve at home. Nevertheless, they miss slip in as the 3rd Pac-10 team as Arizona is back on the bubble after Hassan Adams was suspended for violating team rules.

  2. FSU, Texas A&M, UAB, and Cal can’t possibly be locks. Northern Iowa and both CAA teams among others have better RPIs and resumes. One win should not put them in the tournament (vs Duke, Texas, Memphis, and UCLA). They’ve done nothing else all year. I just think that when a team’s RPI is less than half of another teams that it is unfair for the worse RPI team to be a lock. It’s a lot more wide open than you say.

  3. There is no way Florida St, Texas A&M, UAB, Air Force, Missouri St(5-8 vs. RPI 100 won’t cut it) and Cal are locks. I don’t think Florida St, Missouri St and Air Force are in right now. Also…although Hofstra beat Mason twice, I still think there’s a chance GMU gets in over the Pride. The Patriots overall resume is better and you just can’t throw that out of the window.

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