March to Nowhere

After a morning of reading, chatting, and assembling…with an important lunch date looming…

How Do We Attack This?
With a mixed bag of statements and questions, my friends, because stream of consciousness is always the best way…(har-har)

1. Kudos to Jim Larranaga for the quick action to recommend a one-game suspension of Tony Skinn for this most-heinous act. Though Larranaga reportedly asked for an investigation into the incident, no wire tapping would be needed. This one was cut and dried and Coach L knew it.

2. Get off his back for the post game dance. He hadn’t seen the video. It would be irresponsible of him to comment without seeing it, even if he knew. Coach L handled this perfectly.

3. Stop with the Tom Yeager Conspiracy Theories. If you saw the tape of the Drexel game, or were there, you know that there’s more aggression when you play tug-of-war with your dog. They are two separate and only somewhat-connected events. You know why they are connected.

4. What in the name of David Robinson should happen tonight? With apologies to David Brenner, “here we go…”

(Today’s Side Note: give me the reference and win a prize…)

4a. Is Mason in?
4b. Let’s say they are not. You can’t take Wichita State, another conference champ who lost in the conference tourney semis, over a GMU team that just beat them, can you?
4c. Is Hofstra in?
4c1. They have the conference’s best record, best RPI, and are the hottest team.
4c2. They have a nonconference SOS of 278
4d. As in ESPNs Pat Forde. (Side Note: sometimes I’m damn good at this…) The ideal scenario is also an ideal nightmare.

5. If The Dub wins…don’t you have to take Hofstra over GMU–the Pride have beaten GMU twice in the past 11 days and have a better RPI. (Note: see 4c1 and 4c2.)
5a. But GMU has the quality wins.

6. So don’t you have to take three from the CAA?
6a. No, you don’t. Somebody is going to be awfully disappointed.

7. If Hofstra wins…this gets pretty simple. The Dub has too many reasons to be excluded. I think you see two CAA teams, Mason and Hofstra.
7a. Yeah, but The Dub is the conference champ and made it to the finals.
7a1. Exactly.
7b. But they also lost to #294 ECU.
7c. And another thing…Tony Skinn will be out for one game, and the committee factors in “injuries.” I’m guessing Jai Lewis’ ankles will be better, but Skinn is out. Don’t minimize this.


I fear, greatly, that the winner tonight is the only team in. I can shoot holes in every single CAA resume.

That said, I don’t think the committee can put Wichita State in over George Mason, nor can it put George Mason in over Hofstra. If UNCW wins tonight, the White-Knuckle Count in Hempstead and Farifax and Richmond will exponentially multiply.

I believe two will be in. I just don’t know which two.

I’ll know more later today and will post, but as for now, the one thing I do know is this: thank God Gonzaga pulled it out last night.


~ by mglitos on March 6, 2006.

2 Responses to “March to Nowhere”

  1. Awesome analysis. You really helped me gather my thoughts.

    I agree with everything except your UNCW as champs case. To me, it is clearly UNCW + Hofstra to the dance. GMU lost too many times to Hofstra, even though those were road losses.

    If UNCW drops, then it should be MASON + The Hoff. That kid Uter plays and looks like Ben Wallace!

  2. senthomein92: Although that is very valid, and can most certainly be the case. You have to think about who’s gotten the most media this season. Simply put, Mason. Committee reps have heard of Mason since cracking top 25 and have seen them beat a very good Wichita State team. They have the media on the side, and we all know, in NCAAB … that’s an advantage.

    I think three WILL be a stretch. But I see it being a possibility. I still see Mason sneaking in over Hofstra. With being co-regular season champs. And only losing to Hofstra AWAY from home, that’s a difference. Mason has a great home record (only 1 loss), so it’s VERY feasible and valid to say that Mason could have beat Hofstra at home. Did they get the opportunity to prove so? No. But will that be used to prove that Mason COULD deserve the bid over Hofstra? Of course. If Hofstra took out Mason at home, it’d be a no brainer, but they didn’t even play them at home, so that does play in.

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