Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Quick review from late last night…

How about the escapism of Mason? Sammy Hernandez had family in from Puerto Rico and it was the first time they’d ever seen him play. That’s a good story. And when Will Thomas is tearing up the league next season, remember you read about him here first.

Still, gotta love the fight in the Georgia State Panthers. They never backed down, even in the face of Steve Gordon.

Tonight’s Hofstra/Mason game is going to be a freaking doozie.


Speaking of Hofstra, the Pride led VCU 3-0 exactly five seconds into its win over VCU last night. That would be the only possession in which VCU had the ball until the final minute of the game in which if they had scored, VCU would have tied the game. Hofstra was THAT dominant.

Still, VCU had a chance to tie late and couldn’t convert. Agudio finished with 34 smackers.

I’ll have more on last night and the surrounding elements here in Richmond later. Just catching up now, and we’re two minutes from tip in the The Dub v Nor’Easter game…


Today’s Side Note: The game will be played five on five, but the crowd has a bit of a different makeup.

The Dub fans: about 2000.
Nor’Easter fans: 27. (I know this number to be accurate because I just counted them.)

Granted, this does not account for fans trickling in from Boston, nor does it count the fans from losing teams rooting for the Huskies. The 27 encompasses Nor’Easter fans prior to Thursday.

I will also give the handful of Huskies’ students that made the trip down. There’s seven of them directly behind me that are doing a great job being loud and being creative. They won’t back down in the face of the overwhelming odds.

Good for them.


Side Note, Part Deux: Florida State rallied and beat Miami by three. Mark them in, if you already hadn’t.


The Dub may want to consider missing a shot, if only to keep things interesting…


Vladie Kuljanin OVER Shawn James? And then Vladie with the blocked shot? What kind of bizzaro world have I fallen into? 24-15 Hawks.


Pick your score. Oh, Nor’Easter will fight back. This is college basketball. But the Dub with a 31-17 lead is like anyone else with a 31-8 lead. (Or VCU with a 41-3 lead.)

If Vladie is shooting jump hooks over Shawn James, I’m not messing with that piece of symbolism.

Also, Nor’Easter’s attendance number has roughly doubled. Must’ve been a bunch of students in the beer garden. Another 15 or so has shown up in the end zone, along with dome green and gold GMU fans who should be taken out back and beaten.

You know why, too. They are the bandwagoners that just bought their Mason t-shirt when they got here on Saturday afternoon and figure to root for the team they think Mason can most easily beat. All they know is that UNCW has a “1” next to their name and Nor’Easter has a “5” next to theirs.

Let me be clear when I say it should be other George Mason fans that take these embarrassments out back for a beating.


HALFTIME: The Dub up 42-29.

Long live the Embassy Suites…may it survive the evening…Hofstra/Mason fans, keep an eye on your bus.


I spent some time this morning looking at various NCAA situations. I’m still on the Valley getting four bids; its’ just not the four you (or I) thought it would be five days ago.

What you may not have seen: Hofstra has moved up to #33 in the RPI (while getting love from Tom Brennan on ESPN) and The Dub fell to #43. There’s the difference in playing #243 Delaware and #77 VCU.

Side Note: If the RPI is “but one factor” in determining NCAA at large bids, how come I can’t go to or and get an update? And where are the national writers with columns devoted specifically to out of conference schedules?


Sorry folks, I’m going to enjoy Mason/HU…


~ by mglitos on March 5, 2006.

3 Responses to “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”

  1. Mason just didn’t come to play the second half. Hopefully they will get an at-large still.

  2. You know, I’ve never seen Mason lose again after leading at the half. Why do I have a feeling that Larranaga mentioned this stat to them?

  3. why did skinn punch stokes in the balls…..i hope mason doesnt get an at large…..they lost twice to hofstra in 2 weeks……bubble popped

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