Can’t Stand the Waiting

Last night was fun and all, but today is why we’re here. The Dub and the Fightin’ Nanas are on the floor, and the clock is ticking towards 56 minutes.

But first…

I’m not sure I can add to the vomiting at the keyboard that occurred yesterday, but let’s go Power Point Bullets on you:

  • There is nothing new on the Drexel front, except that the Dragons are complaining from Philly. They have a legit beef, but it was also an honest mistake that was handled properly.
  • The Jeff Capel v. Dee Vick dustup is much ado about nothing. Word on the street is that Vick had a bit of a disrespectful comment to Capel in the handshake line, and Capel didn’t react in a Glastnost manner. A few, uh, barbs were exchanged, and everybody went the other way. Good to see passion.
  • Good to see Michael Perry get a win in his sort-of hometown. The winner of that game was going to get Mason and a Ticket Home in an ugly manner, so it’s nice to see a nice guy get rewarded. Hey, I’m feeling benevolent today. For now.
  • Nor’Easter is this year’s Holy Crap team. You don’t think they are any good, and you are always surprised they are in a game. But they always are. I swear I had one conversation with a friend and turned around and a four point lead was 18. Shawn James is First Team All CAA Fun To Watch.


I haven’t gotten a chance to look at the rest of the country yet, but seeing Creighton lose to Bradley brings one word to my mind: Toast. Here’s another: Burst. Here’s a third and fourth: Big Apple.


You’ve got to love UNCW fans. At 45:02 prior to the game, the first chant was raised: “T-J-Car-ter…” There’s a guy in a teal blue toga. And he’s not a student. It’s 11:15 and if there’s 400 people in this building, 325 of them are UNCW fans.


Keys to the afternoon session, because I continue my stagnant radio career (two games):

The Fightin’ Nanas are very focused right now. They need to shoot the ball well and hang around. I’ll spare you any “Harding Nana” analysis because that would be insulting. What UD needs is another good shooting night from Rulon Washington, and for its big men (I refuse to use the hot term “bigs.”) to battle the UNCW big men to a stalemate.

(Today’s First Side Note: The UD big men may or may not have talent, but they have got to be the ugliest crop of forwards and centers I’ve ever seen. There’s a few Halloween Masks running around out there.)

For The Dub, it’s all about The Dub. If they play their game–efficient on offense, tough on defense–they won’t lose. The Hawks can afford a bad game from Goldielocks or TJ Carter or That Skateboarder from Wake. It’s about playing their team game. Nothing else really matters.


I think the 2:30 game will be the best. ODU is more focused and intense than I’ve ever seen them. By far. For the Monarchs, it’s about resisting urges. JJ Barea will want to get into a running game. Alex Loughton will want to establish himself against Shawn James. ODU needs to avoid both and just play basketball–run at times, punch it inside at times. Take what’s given. ODU has far more talent and far more focus.

Nor’Easter, however, will want to open it up. They a far more loose team, too, so keep an eye on pace of play. If the Huskies are getting up and down the floor, they will run ODU out of the gym.

Key players for both teams will be “the other guy.” That means Bennet Davis and that means Valdus Vasylius.


I’m outta here to go lower the ratings for Sirius. I’ll check back between sessions.



~ by mglitos on March 4, 2006.

One Response to “Can’t Stand the Waiting”

  1. Vasylius was the key guy in Norfolk. Taylor put him in there and he took it right at James about 5 times in a row and racked up the fouls. Count how many times Dahi pump fakes today. The over under is 34. Brandon Johnson and Lidonde could be key in wearing on Barea.

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