Still the One

Found this tidbit from Jay Bilas while killing time in the Nor’Easter/JMU game:

“A league that should be mad
One league that has not gotten enough run is the Colonial Athletic Association. The Missouri Valley is the best among mid-major leagues, and arguably competitive with a couple of the big-shot leagues this year, but the Colonial is pretty darn good itself.

The CAA is just as tough to navigate for its teams as any other tough league, and has some very solid teams, coaches and players. George Mason, UNC Wilmington, Hofstra, Old Dominion and VCU are all very good and are capable of winning games in the NCAA Tournament. George Mason is a lock for the NCAAs, and UNCW and Hofstra make compelling cases for consideration. The Colonial Tournament will be really competitive and really fun to watch.”


Side Notes Aplenty: JMUs Kyle Swanston was defending Shawn James last trip down the floor. Though Swanston is about four inches shorter than James, they were the same height when you factor in Swanston’s hair. (Think of your favorite “Fletch line….now.)

JMU 23, NE TheyHateThat 18.


~ by mglitos on March 3, 2006.

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