I’ve Got Friends in Low Places

Live, from Richmond, it’s Friday afternoon!

Drexel/Delaware: ugly, yet competitive. Drexel shot 32% in the first half and my head must’ve been turned when the Dragons made five consecutive layups. It felt like they were around 20%.

The Fightin’ Nanas are playing hard, though. And I cannot, for the life of me, see either of these teams coming within 15 points of George Mason.

Getting to watch Kyle do his ESPN chat live…more exciting than a Bashir Mason Brickfest.


Tom O’Connor did a great job Breaking Down the Bracket this morning. He is the GMU AD that is also on the NCAA selection committee. More later.


Late edit: Harding Nana fouls out on a terrible call. Today’s First Side Note: I don’t care what Delaware’s record shows: Nana just blocked a shot, and then was the first guy down the court, leading the break. His assist gave Delaware the lead.

THAT’S first team all CAA stuff, and THAT’s why they are the Fightin’ Nanas.

With Nana out, UD has a two poiint lead. With 14.5 seconds, Elegar misses inside and Herb Courtney to the line with a chance to give UD a lead. Winning without the Fabulous Nana?


Time out to, I guess, freeze Courtney.

Controversy. Brian Kersey and his crack staff have decided to let UD take the ball out of bounds instead of a second free throw. And now they return to the line.

Back to two shots. I don’t know.

Anotehr brick.

And he makes the second, A bank shot. FT.

Mason leans in for foul and nothing. Brusier furious.

FINAL: Fightin’ Nanas 52, Drexel 49.


~ by mglitos on March 3, 2006.

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