Got My Eye on You

Official ending, or at least offically from the mouth of Brusier: the score board overhead showed 10 team fouls instead of eight. Huge difference, obviously, between a one-and-one and a two-shotter. (Shoter?)

Apparently the official scorer, who correctly had UD for eight team fouls, did not make the mistake known to the officials until after Brick #1. So the right call: alternating possession, which went to UD. They took the ball out, got fouled quickly, and you read the rest already.

Bruiser did a very good (if not disappointing) job of keeping his lid during the post game, repeatedly talking about strange endings happening to them all season instead of this one game.

Nonetheless, Drexel shot 29% from the field and missed a pile of free throws towards the end.

Fightin’ Nanas live to fight another day.

And yes, I know they get UNCW. I still smell a rout.


It took JMU five minutes to score, but the Dukes are rolling. With 12:17 in the first half, your score:

Nor’Easter: 12
Shawn James blocks: 3


New Side Note: If I weren’t such a nice guy, and there wasn’t the hint that it would smack of stalking, I would’ve put up a bit of a fight to keep my chair next to Kyle. An enterprising young Boston writer is covering Nor’Easter and I happened into his seat. I don’t want to break the kid’s spirit, nor do I feel like worrying about court orders. So I’ll take the seat I was assigned.

P.S.–It’s 12-7 Nor’Easter.


~ by mglitos on March 3, 2006.

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