Better Man (Or, I Got Id)

Taking a morning nap from the conference tournament to do a little NCAA table-setting…

I don’t purport to know everything, and I don’t need to prove to anyone I can select 64 of the 65 teams. (How come every single expert gets 64 of 65? What happens?) This will be a living exercise, so expect a copy/paste. Pay most attention to The Skinny below.

Couple of notes: My conference champion selections are chosen based on the highly scientific and 100% reliable method of “the first team that came to my mind.” Don’t argue.

It’s also possible I missed something. Don’t hesitate to let me know. (As if you would…) I’m also biased, so I won’t play choosies. I’ll let the numbers and what I read and hear be your arbiter. That said, my ego will probably force me to make selections eventually.

Apologies to David Brenner…here we go:

One Bid Leagues (21): America East, Atlantic Sun, A10, Big Sky, Big South, Big West, Horizon, Ivy, MAC, MAAC, MEAC, Mid-Continent, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Patriot, Southern, Southland, Sun Belt, SWAC, West Coast, WAC.

BCS League Champs (6): ACC (Duke), Big East (Connecticut), Big 10 (Ohio State), Big 12 (Texas), SEC (Tennessee), Pac 10 (Washington)

Multiple Bid Mid Major Conference Champs (4): CAA (George Mason), C-USA (Memphis), MVC (Wichita State), Mountain West (SD State)

That’s 31 bids, which leaves…

Your At Large Collection Plate: 34

Bids Spoken For (32): ACC—3 (UNC, BC, NC State); Big East—7 (Villanova, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Georgetown, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Syracuse); Big Ten—6 (Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana); SEC—5 (Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky); PAC 10—3 (UCLA, California, Arizona); Big 12—2 (Oklahoma, Kansas); Missouri Valley—3 (Creighton, Northern Iowa, Bradley); CAA—1 (UNCW); C-USA—1 (UAB); Mountain West—1 (Air Force)

Thems Fightin’ Words (2): Florida State, Seton Hall, Missouri State, Southern Illinois, Hofstra, Colorado, Utah State.

The Skinny
1. It’s hard to believe the ACC won’t get five bids. Keep Florida State and Miami on your radar.

2. I’ve got the MVC with four bids. I think the teams are interchageable, based on what occurs at its conference tournament. Four seems to be the number. Leave the Bradley versus Missouri State arguments alone. For now.

3. This is a major conference tournament. I’m giving Syracuse, Michigan State, and Indiana a pass. I can’t do that for Colorado and Seton Hall.

4. I won’t do a “bids by conference,” because I’ve been told by two committee members–and the head honcho Craig Littlepaige–that conference affiliation does not matter. (Insert your snicker here…)

5. The thing you should most watch out for is the Stolen Bid Syndrome in these conference tournaments. SBS is a malady caused by a sure fire tournament team losing in the conference tournament final to a sure fire NIT or Go Home team. (Picture Georgia Tech winning the ACC tournament.) That is more impactful on mid majors than any “resume,” “body of work,” or “colloquial description” shortcomings.

6. I base a decent amount of my opinion on non statistical-based criteria. I agree with Gregg Doyel and his Hofstra Cite: when you win a pile, you are good. A 22-5 team who has won nine of 10 and has “good credentials” is a good team. SOS is overvalued to an extent. You can play a pile of good teams, but eventually you have to beat them. A 16-12 Temple team does not impress me as much as a 22-5 Hofstra team. I don’t care about who they played out of conference, they didn’t win too many of those games.


So I reserve the right to continually update.


~ by mglitos on February 28, 2006.

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