Sunday Afternoon Primer:
And I reassert that if you’d like some Richmond info–where to eat, what to do–email me. Lord I hate to do this, but:

Your Nooner: #8 Drexel (15-15, 8-10) vs. #9 Fightin’ Nanas (8-20, 4-14)
Drop and Give Me 30 (minutes): #5 Northeastern (17-10, 12-6) vs. #12 James Madison (5-22, 2-16)


Dinner Bell Rings at 6:00: #7 Towson (12-15, 8-10) vs. #10 Georgia State (6-21, 3-15)
Late Night Entertainment: #6 VCU (18-9, 11-7) vs. #11 William & Mary (8-19, 3-15)

Another Nooner, because the first was so good: #1 The Dub (22-7, 15-3) vs. Drexel/Finghtin’ Nanas winner
Matinee Idols: #4 Old Dominion (21-8, 13-5) vs. Northeastern/James Madison winner


Time to Get Wild n’ Loose: #2 George Mason (22-6, 15-3) vs. Towson/Georgia State winner
Saving the Best for Last: #3 Hofstra (22-5, 14-4) vs. VCU/William & Mary winner



~ by mglitos on February 26, 2006.

3 Responses to “DMSR”

  1. You forgot to mention the next round of games…..ODU-UNCW and Mason-VCU. 😉

  2. uh ODU has a decent chance of losing that game.. don’t simply count out NU they played ODU tough and if SJ hadn’t gotten a botched foul call I think they would have beaten ODU.. further more even tho ODU is getting a home court advantage in richmond(obiouvsly it’s supposed to be neutral but it won’t be for teams like HU or NU)… I think the huskies could pull off the upset

  3. I was at the constant center for another slow ODU start. Barea got all kinds of worn out, and what do you expect from Shawn James, with Loughton, Dahi, and Vasylius attacking the rim the whole game? It reminded me of the ODU-Hofstra semi’s last year. NU reminds me of Marist, teams ODU has way too many answers for. Furthermore they have to play the day before while Williamson, Johnson, Hunter, and Henderson get to watch Barea run all over the court and begin to wear himself out.

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