The Mountains Win Again

Wait a minute…turns out all those “other guys” I was giving a hard time about were right. I wrote hte other day, and made a stink about it, that I couldn’t figure out why everybody was saying George Mason was an at large team. After all, they were rolling and there was no reason to believe the Patriots wouldn’t win three in Richmond.

And then they lost, leaving the number one seed, thanks to tiebreakers, to UNCW.

So it turns out everybody else was right. George Mason IS an at large team. And UNCW, the regular season champ, should win in Richmond.

Irony is a wonderful thing sometimes, don’t you think?


Chew on this one, Craig Littlepaige:

The CAA enters Saturday’s action as the only Division I conference in the nation with four teams with 20 or more wins.

Hofstra: 21-5
George Mason: 21-6
UNCW: 21-7
Old Dominion: 20-8

The only other time that the CAA has finished the season with four teams with 20+ victories was 1989-90. And by a quick look at media guides, all four teams that season needed the CAA tournament to reach the plateau.


~ by mglitos on February 24, 2006.

7 Responses to “The Mountains Win Again”

  1. Here’s a question. What happens if its Hofstra and UNCW in the title game? Is Mason then still in? The loser of the title game would still be right around 30 in the RPI, but since theres no way the CAA gets 3 in then either Hofstra or UNCW would get left out even though they both would have gone farther than mason.

  2. I think if Mason wins today (they will) and gets into the semis (they will), they are in. Mason has almost every credential: good road record, RPI, no bad loss, decent wins, great conference record, finishing strong. I honestly think that the WSU win got them in, barring collapse.

    Hofstra/GMU semi matchup is one you should drive to see even if you don’t follow those teams.

    The thing nobody is talking about yet, for good reason, is the number of stolen bids. For example, if GW loses in the A10 or an Arizona State wins the Pac 10. Those are more impactful to the CAA than power conference versus mid major.

  3. Enough Said:

    ## Player-Team Cl G Minutes Avg/G
    1.Agudio, Antoine-HOFSTRA.. 26 935 35.96
    2.Nana, Harding-DELAWARE… 27 967 35.81
    3.Mason, Bashir-DREXEL….. 29 1033 35.62
    4.Kieza, Aurimas-HOFSTRA… 26 910 35.00
    5.Stokes, Loren-HOFSTRA…. 26 908 34.92
    6.Goldsberry, John-UNCW…. 28 953 34.04
    7.Crossin, Tim-TOWSON…… 26 884 34.00
    8.Hamm, Lawrence-TOWSON…. 26 876 33.69
    9.Barea, Jose Juan-NU…… 25 835 33.40
    10.Sanchez, Kenell-DREXEL… 29 961 33.14
    11.Copeland, Boyd-GSU……. 26 859 33.04
    12.Mejia, Dominick-DREXEL… 29 919 31.69
    13.Baker, Calvin-W&M…….. 26 820 31.54
    14.Skinn, Tony-MASON…….. 27 851 31.52
    Butler, Lamar-MASON…… 27 851 31.52

  4. or rather…nothing said.

  5. I’m an ODU fan and have my seats already, and I can’t wait to see the other side of the bracket that features HU against VCU and the winner getting Mason. Worst case scenario for the league as far as bids goes is VCU knocking off HU then Mason and a rematch of last years title game. Could happen, and that would yield only one bid for sure.

  6. Umm probably worst case scenario and this is coming from a husky fan is NU beating ODU UNCW and GMU. Think about that for a minute ODU maybe gets an NIT birth, UNCW probably needs to win at least one game to be in and Mason although already in at that point would only secure 2 bids for the league. With nu maybe getting a 13 seed.

  7. NU? Mr. Jose Barea would have to play out of this world to carry them to 4 straight wins. I saw him play once at ODU this year and he had zero gas in the tank in the second half. He had an awesome stat line, and Shawn James was blocking all kinds of shots. They were unlucky in drawing ODU in the quarters.

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