Easy to be Hard

Come on, that’s Three Dog Night in a Three Horse Race for…

Coach of the Year?

Brad Brownell: Hawks picked fifth in the preseason, will finish tied for first and actually get the number one seed. I’ve got to tell you I have no idea why this guy doesn’t more credit. If anyobdy could complain about lack of respect, it is Brownell.

Jim Larranaga: Big winner and attention getter. Tied for first and has done a whale of a job with the same team that finished sixth last year. Everybody got better, and he got “more better.” (Shut up.)

Tom Pecora: Mason’s getting the winner label. UNCW is getting the winning but no respect label. Pecora’s team is getting no label but is 21-5. This has also been the “most beaten up” team this season. They get no love for the travel: their Drexel game Saturday ends five games in 10 days, and it will be the first where they played road-road or home-home.


Ron Everhart: He needs credit for adjusting to a compeltely new conference, new travel adn logistics, new teams, and new people and policies. He’s like the third-grader in a new school. Still, the Huskies will finish fifth and win 11 conference games. That is just plain good.

Pat Kennedy: This team was the league’s laughingstock as recently as, well, January 12. Spare me the “Gary Neal” discussion. You can’t take Neal away from Towson any more than you can take Stokes from Hofstra, Loughton from ODU, or Barea from Northeastern. A win Saturday gives the Towson Tigers a 9-9 conference record. Chew on that sentence for lunch.

One Man’s Opinion:

1. Brownell
2. Pecora
3. Larranaga
4. Kennedy
5. Everhart


~ by mglitos on February 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “Easy to be Hard”

  1. So Larranaga leads GMU to the top 25 for the first time in the CAA since the 80’s and he’s 3rd????

    Hmmmm. Keep the hate alive.

  2. Don’t ignore how well Towson has been playing since Neal has been hurt. 2-1, including their first ever win over VCU.

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