My Prerogative

Everybody has at least two CAA teams in the dance. Heck, Jerry Palm has three. I’m no Bracketologist, but I still don’t see it. I really don’t. I’m fine with the relative RPIs and potential RPIs, but let’s not get crazy. The only top 50 wins for these teams have been against each other. Butler and LaSalle are the other two good wins. Hofsrta is the only team without a bad loss, but they also have a horrific SOS.

I could be wrong. And I want to be wrong. I’m not sure I’m wrong.

Anyway, here’s a non-bracket clipper to use over the next two weeks. It’s the remaining schedule and RPI of UNCW, Hofstra, and Old Dominion on the road to the CAA Final. I’ve assumed a finish of GMU, UNCE, HU, ODU, NE, VCU, Drex.

at VCU–69
Ga. State–243
CAA tourney Quarter (Drexel-118)
CAA tourney semi (Hofstra–47)

CAA tourney Quarter (VCU–69)
CAA tourney semi (UNCW–38)

at JMU–298
at Delaware–244
CAA tourney Quarter (Northeastern–108)
CAA tourney semi (Mason–20)


I watched Hofstra put on a shooting clinic last night. Its 74% clip was not a mass of layups and dunks. Adrian Uter has now made 18 consecutive field goals. That’s better than any Zendejas brother.

All five starters have scored 25 or more points in a game this season.

This is a scary team.


Brad Brownell said that John Goldsberry hurt his toe last week and it remains badly bruised. Goldsberry has missed practice the past two days.


Jim Larranaga said this morning that all the attention has been “a tremendous amount of fun.” If you know Coach L, that qualifies as giddy. He also verified that in the locker room after the big Wichita State victory teh players were chanting “C-A-A, C-A-A.”

His interviews yesterday went “from 10:00 in the morning to about 8:00 at night. The players have enjoyed it.”


Blaine Taylor said that his trainer, Scott Johnson, convinced him to edge Brandon Johnson into a few drills on Friday just to see how he would respond. Taylor said that the trainer was “over there in a coma” when BJ responded extremely positively. The pair decided that if BJ reposnded well over the course of the evening, they could try to get him into the game. You know the rest.

Sideline Docs: Brandon Johnson’s injury turned out to be a scapula, not a clavicle. Actually sounds like a utensil you use to eat with, to me.


Dean Keener says that he has not spoken to Cavell Johnson since early to middle January, but his belief is that Johnson is still pointing to coming back next season.


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  1. Call me pessimistic, but I think I agree with you. Until I see otherwise, I’m going to keep thinking this is a one-bid league. 😦

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