Puttin’ On the Ritz

This is nothing but great for the conference. That is not in question. But I remain skeptical of “polls.” All I can say is that I won’t have Memphis deep into any bracket I fill out.


Tonight’s “Thank You Bracket Buster” Matchup has Hofstra in Williamsburg to play the Tribe. Two days ago the Pride was at home playing Siena. Two days after this, they’ll be back home hosting George Mason. I asked Tom Pecora about a half hour ago if they were able to get any floor time to get ready after Going Greyhound yesterday. Once he stopped laughing I moved on to the next idiotic question.

Side Note: Siena coach Fran McCaffery got tossed from the Saints’ game against Hofstra Saturday. No big deal, right? It happens all the time to coaches. The real nugget is that McCaffery’s wife, Margaret, was also tossed. Seems the coach’s wife decided to pick up where her hubby, because of NCAA rules governing two technical fouls, had left off. Those officials…never spared.


Who are we rooting for? I opined yesterday that George Mason may or may not have locked up an at large berth with its win at Wichita State. While I think yes, nobody has told me why GMU won’t win the conference championship. Postseason, that is. The CAA, in my mind, is staring right down the barrel of another one-bid year. (It’s the whole regular season winner also winning the tournament thing you need to remember you read here first before some other outlet takes credit.)

(Side note to NCAA selection committee: before you get behind the closed doors, I want to make sure you remember that in late February a CAA team went on the road and beat a MVC team. That’s last 10 games, high RPI, road, SOS, good conference, etc. You come up with the measure and this meets it.)

All that garbage now written, let’s look at resumes:

The Dub
Record: 20-7
Conf record: 13-3
RPI: 37
SOS: 97
Noncon SOS: 111
Last 10: 8-2
Best wins, noncon: Butler (82), Northwestern (90)
Bad loss, noncon: East Carolina (273), Coll of Charleston (175)
Record against GMU, ODU, UNCW, HU: 2-3

Record: 19-5
Conf record: 11-4
RPI: 46
SOS: 167
Noncon SOS: 259
Last 10: 8-2
Best wins, noncon: St. John’s (127), Siena (134)
Bad loss, noncon: Notre Dame (86)–only loss
Record against GMU, ODU, UNCW, HU: 3-1

Old Dominion
Record: 19-8
Conf record: 11-5
RPI: 52
SOS: 96
Noncon SOS: 134
Last 10: 6-4
Best wins, noncon: DePaul (94), Georgia (98)
Bad loss, noncon: Richmond (187)
Record against GMU, ODU, UNCW, HU: 2-3

What does all this tell me? Simple. Love George Mason until March 6. Root like hell against them on March 6. Root for them again beginning March 7. I just don’t see the resumes that are overly convincing.

The good news is that there are four teams that can beat Mason without a stretch.


~ by mglitos on February 20, 2006.

7 Responses to “Puttin’ On the Ritz”

  1. You left out one quality win for Hofstra. They also won at LaSalle. But I am worried that if Mason wins the tournament we wont get a second bid. Still no respect for the CAA

  2. if mason can end hofstra’s 17 game home winning streak on thursday night i think they’ll wrap up a bid no matter what happens the rest of the way seeing as how bad the sec, pac 10 & big 12 is this year.

  3. I agree with those stats, they all loke the same to me. That was the original point, Mason has stepped out there and UNCW, Hofstra, and ODU are clumped together almost assuredly needing to win the CAA. Who has the horses to win 3 games in 3 days or in VCU case 4 in 4? Whoever does will be playing at one high level.

  4. Hofstra travels to Williamsburg tonight then hosts Mason and Drexel is that right? Could they possibly lose 2 of 3 and drop to 4th? I think Hofstra is a good dangerous team with a nice resume, depth is not their best quality.

  5. I think ODU is the biggest threat to George Mason in the Tourney. The Monarchs have depth and experiance and are getting healthy. they beat George Mason at home, albeit a nail biter. They got punished at George Mason, but they played that game 2 days after Brandon Johnson was shot. Not only were they without Johnson, but the team was emotionally and physically fatigued. None of them slept much the night of the shooting. They then lost at Hofstra without Isaiah Hunter on a last minute shot. Now Hunter is looking healthy and Brandon Johnson is back. ODU may have been inconsistent all season, but it looks like theyre healthy and I’m worried about them hitting their stride in the tourney.

  6. I’ve seen ODU some 10 times in person this year and it appears they are peaking at the right time. The game at Hofstra seemed to be the turning point even though they lost at the buzzer. There seems to be a new commitment to the low post and defensive intensity ha picked up. If ODU is to lose I think they are more likely to lose early than in the finals where there depth and experience would be too much.

  7. Thought it was you on press row at the game but wasn’t sure. Gotta give the WRHU guys some love!

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