Big Time


It will hit about 33 degrees today in Richmond, once again postponing some much-needed yard work. Sometimes, we all win.

So here’s my statement about George Mason, after its spring-off-the-couch-and-clap-your-hands victory last night AT Wichita State.

(I added the caps and bold just in case a selection committee member, while searching for information about this Colonial Conference, happens onto this blog. It’s important to know that GMU was on the road. But I again digress…)

People keep talking about George Mason locking up an at large bid, but nobody will question the obvious: I get that GMU is an at large team, but nobody has provided evidence why they won’t be a conference champion.

Despite the wonderful season and despite George Mason’s terrific win last night, the CAA is staring down the barrel of another one-bid season. The conference desperately needs, for the first time since March of 2000, someone other than the regular season champion to win the post season tournament.

For you numerologists and palmists and believers in The Fates: In March 2000, fourth seeded UNCW defeated #1 seed George Mason in the semis before winning the post season tournament.

Now chew on that.


A little bit of redesinging this afternoon. Once I get this bit of gibberish posted, I’m going to work setting up links to all the Bubble and Bracket pages. You will find those on the George Bush side of the page. Hey, I realize your time is valuable, and as much as I love, loading those pages is friggin murder.


The conference went 6-2 over the weekend in the BracketBusters. No wonder the conference will have all 12 teams competing next year. With all of the hand-wringing about BB, myself included, I overlooked this one note: if the worst that occurs is that the CAAs marquee team(s) get a game like WSU/GMU, and the rest of the conference proves its better than the other mid major conferences, then let’s run with it.

Today’s Side Note: The CAA is now 4-0 in televised BracketBusters games.

George Mason 70, Wichita State 67: You saw it. I know you did. Let’s not overlook defensive effort and 12-point, eight rebounds performance of Next Year’s First Teamer.

Old Dominion 84, Marist 71: Brandon Johnson played and ODU rolled. That’s all you need to know about that. (That=kid, team, game.)

Hofstra 76, Siena 62: Adrian Uter, meet Bill Walton. Younger readers please go ask your dad about this reference.

Northeastern 92, Rider 79: JJB goes 27 and 11 in his final home game.

Drexel 56, Vermont 42: Typical Bruiser at the Daskaslaskilaskiliasis Center. Drexel’s defense limited Vermont to just 21 points in each half as the Catamounts shot under 27 percent from the floor, including no field goals for the first six minutes of the game.

College of Charleston 83, Georgia State 75: Trailing by 22 points, Georgia State went on a 27-8 run to get the game to 57-54. That two straight victories over the CAA in this format, but I still love that city.

Cleveland State 52, Delaware 40: I’m not sure I’d have been able to stomach this one. Hey, I’m just being honest.

VCU 70, Albany 67: This one should never have been this close, but it was. Nick George was in double figures before the entire Albany team.

Oh, by the way: JMU lost to Longwood. No, really.


~ by mglitos on February 19, 2006.

3 Responses to “Big Time”

  1. I’m not saying that they WON’T be conference champion. But they do have a hard time beating VCU in Richmond, which they did this year. It was a great comeback, but VCU gave up a big lead. If VCU somehow plays GMU again, and plays 5% better, you will see GMU fall in the tourney.

  2. Check the ESPN/USA Today Poll … George Mason University ranked #25 in the country. 🙂

  3. Ok, I understand UNCW isn’t going to get any love, but besides losing games to ECU and C of C, which they shouldn’t have lost, they split with GMU, split with Hofstra, beat Northeastern, beat Drexel twice, and destroyed VCU in the first meeting. They also went to Wisconsin and lost to a very good Big 10 team at the buzzer. As far as ODU, the CAA scheduling gods didn’t scheduled the “pre-season golden team” to a second game with UNCW which would have been in Trask. I wonder why???

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