An Innocent Man

So I stand by my original thought: the Skinn/Sanchez incident happens every night in every conference. Much ado about nothing.

The fact that the original call was a foul on Skinn and that’s all that was called cannot be overlooked. Clearly this was not a fight; rather a dustup, skirmish, tete a tete, etc.

If it had been more severe, it would’ve been called. I know Curtis Blair to be a stand up guy, and even if he misses a block/charge, a travel, or an inconsistent palm, he is level-headed in a situation like this.

My belief is that the problem occurred when the officials went to the video and THEN assessed the technicals. That’s my guess as to the misinterpretation of video rules or whatever it was the conference called it.

Neither Skinn nor Sanchez were tossed on the original call, another key point to NOT overlook.

Now, you folks can have at it in terms of the Second Shooter or Second Spitter or Area 59, but when the rules are applied correctly, both Skinn and Sanchez should be allowed to play Saturday.

I will grant Mason fortuitous timing, but the conference got this right.


~ by mglitos on February 16, 2006.

3 Responses to “An Innocent Man”

  1. I should have read this post before I commented below. I agree with what you wrote.

  2. Ok, now that I understood that the original technical’s were not applied to until video viewing I see why Yeager made his decision. By the wording in the article on I thought the 2 were asssesed technicals and then they viewed the video as is protocal to see if the players should be tossed. I didn’t realize they used video to assess the technicals. (I still personally think they both should be tossed. I believe kicking is an automatic ejection just like punching.) But I know understand the technicality that Yeager is using. I still think he would’ve just let the suspensions stick if it wasn’t for bracket buster. Purely speculation though.

  3. The Seahawks win probably the most important game of the season and all they get is a cut and paste from another publication!? So much for respect!! See you at the dance. Go ‘Hawks!!!

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