They Can’t Take That Away from Me

A few random thoughts for you, as the rain/snow dramatically sliced my time in the yard to exactly the same number as Sam Harris’ playing time today: TWO MINUTES…

  • Goodbye, Quinn Snyder. Dana Altman is the money choice, and I use that term puposely. However I can think of two or three CAA coaches that would fill the bill well.
  • George Mason’s RPI dipped to somewhere in the middle 20s after its scintillating comback victory over VCU. Sign of the times? Gone are the days of a good conference victory not helping. VCUs RPI hung in the high 50s/low 60s; combined with teh 1.4 road factor, GMU improved about 10 spots. Three of them were due completely to Tom Yeager exhaling. Mason has road games at Hofstra and at Wichita State. Hoo-boy…
  • An article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch talks about the two final locations for the conference tournament to be held from 2008-2012. My view is that it’s not moving. Why? Norfolk can talk all it wants about how much there is to do around Scope and how much better the surrounding area is for the tourney patrons. And they are right. But unfortunately for Norfolk, that item is far down the list of important criteria. Adequate will do. Guaranteeing revenue, promotion (from the city) and how good “The Show” will look on television is 85% of this thing.
  • I’ve floated this question to my friends but to date have been too lazy to research the answer: when was the last time a reigning conference player of the year did not make even the first team all conference in the following year? (Factor out injury, of course…) It should occur this year with Alex Loughton. No first team in the CAA can be legit unless it includes Gary Neal, Harding Nana, Loren Stokes, and JJ Barea. Nick George is close to a gimme as well. Even going six deep like the CAA does (POY plus five first teamers), how do you look past Lawrence Hamm, Antoine Agudio, Jai Lewis, Dom Mejia?

    This is going to be a much-discussed topic in the coming weeks, and a very interesting one. Heck, Loughton may not even make SECOND team…and even stranger is the fact that George Mason could run away with the regular season title, get an at large bid, and not place a kid on the first team all conference. And that is exactly why they are in first place.

  • Cannot wait to get into the Siegel Center today. It is going to be beyond crazy.

~ by mglitos on February 11, 2006.

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