Rhymin’ and Stealin’

Greetings from Richmond, VA, where I’m in the middle of some Bubble Analysis, but one thing I can throw in front of you is this: most pundits have the MVCs S. Illinois Salukis in their field of 64. Mason continues to be on the bubble. But:



Best Win (OOC)
GMU–Manhattan (60)
SIU–Murray State (90)

Worst Loss (OOC)
GMU–Wake Forest (117)
SIU–Monmouth (179)

You can tell me all about conference strength but the words “fraud” and “media darling” come to mind.

And doesn’t GMUs trip to Wichita seem all the larger now?


The Slate

Delaware at The Dub: This is your NoDoz Game of the Night as the Dub bumbles around early, takes control in the middle, and runs away in the second half. The Dub 71, Fightin’ Nanas 55.

Hofstra at Georgia St.: This game reminds me of my senior prom date–not pretty, but she got the job done. Hofstra 74, Ga State 66.

William & Mary at Old Dominion: Monarchs’ athletic department thrilled when Black & Decker signs up to be the title sponsor of this Drilling. No Hunter, No Problem. ODU 81, Tribe 62.

James Madison at Towson: Towson AD Dr. Wayne Edwards tacks an addition onto the scoreboard to follow this game properly. Final score: Towson 83, JMU 62, Gary Neal 37.

George Mason at VCU: Ken Pomeroy breaks a finger while furiously typing out the statistical oddity that both teams scored exactly the number of points as their field goal percentage plus free throws made. George Mason 64, VCU 58. (Today’s Side Note: And I will still get an email from a Mason fan whining that they get no respect.)

Nor’Eastr at Drexel: No jokes. Just a good, hard, competitive basketball game. Shawn James outblocks Chaz Crawford nine to four. And that’s the difference. Huskies 61, Dragons 56.


~ by mglitos on February 9, 2006.

4 Responses to “Rhymin’ and Stealin’”

  1. “(Today’s Side Note: And I will still get an email from a Mason fan whining that they get no respect.)”


  2. This should be the year the press finally “gets” the CAA. SIU/GMU is a great comparison, and being a media whore, um, darling shouldn’t bear weight in the selection room. I hope.

  3. Shocker that you would take another jab at Mason on your website. That’s totally unlike you!

  4. As a faithful reader to this blog all season long (and a Mason fan), I have to admit I haven’t seen any anti-Mason bias from you. I have no idea why ‘anonymous’ continues to pout about no respect.

    I have thorougly enjoyed your writing and look forward to your book – keep up the good work.

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