Big Time

I don’t necessarily agree with any of it, but it is worth noting that the national media is beginning to come around to what you and I already knew:

Gregg Doyel at CBS Sportsline challenges Hofstra to become potentially the third CAA team in the NCAA tournament. The Pride have a difficult schedule in February, if only for the number of games in the number of days…

And ESPNs Andy Katz, on his blog, notes that: “The Colonial Athletic Association is pretty confident this is the year that it can get that at-large bid — the first time in 20 years that the conference would get a second bid. Commisioner Tom Yeager said having a number of teams in the RPI top 50 (3) and six in the top 100 should carry weight. Yeager is talking about George Mason (32), UNC Wilmington (43) and Old Dominion (48) as possible candidates. Hofstra (63), VCU (65) and Northeastern (96) also are in the top 100.

Yeager said part of the problem has been the favorite in the CAA usually does win the league, but that could change this season with the league so balanced. When Drexel gave Duke and UCLA fits in the NIT Season Tip-Off, the common comment was how could Drexel be picked seventh in the CAA? Well, it is mid-February and Drexel is seventh (122) in RPI.”


But we knew all this already, didn’t we? Think credit will be given come Selection Sunday?

The important thing, in the “grand scheme,” is to know who you’re rooting for. Obviously the top five or six have to win every game over the bottom six or seven. This is no time for upsets. (Sorry Coach Keener. I love ya, but this is no time to rise up at beat ODU…) This keeps Nor’Eastr in the top 100 and provides the potential to have five top 50 teams.

Key data point, and today’s Side Note: Hofstra’s RPI jumped 15 places after it defeated ODU last week.

That said, the key games this week:

George Mason at VCU: terribly important for VCU to win, as well as follow up with a Saturday victory over ODU. With those two in the can, I’d guess the Rams’ RPI jumps into the high 30s. For the Pats, they just have to keep winning, period. They need to build as strong a resume as possible. George Mason is in the ultimate “win out and lose in the conference final” scenario. This is the classic “If/then” theorem…

ODU at VCU: ESPN will be there, so this is chance for PST folks to get a load of the CAA. ODU would love to have the 1.4 road victory, and it would be especially sweet if VCU were to beat Mason and jump into the top 50. A road top 50 win on ESPN in February looks good. For VCU, it really depends on Thursday’s result.

Nor’Eastr at Hofstra: Pride needs the top 100 win. Pride needs to win out. Pride goeth before the fall. I have no idea why I added that line.

We won’t go farther than that. I could delve into next Wednesday’s The Dub/Hofstra game, but it’s pointless. Probably should let Thursday’s games end before I even think about Saturday.

And that pointless point should tell you what you need to know about this conference race.


Side note you don’t care about, but I do: I’ve sat courtside for 31 CAA games in nine cities covering the conference for this book project. I’m beyond thrilled that the next two are in my home city.

I’m no Kyle, but I do feel qualified to tell you that Sirius radio is worth every freaking penny.


~ by mglitos on February 8, 2006.

4 Responses to “Big Time”

  1. The problem is that you can look at the RPI number all you want but it is only part of the story. The selection committee needs to see quality non-conference wins from an at-large candidate.

    Who has a signature win? UNCW came close at Wisconsin, but lost. Houston faded so that win doesn’t mean much for VCU. DePaul won’t even qualify for the Big East Tournament.

    Nobody has the resume. The committee is going to look beyond the number. If they only went by RPI, Vermont would have been a six seed last year, instead of a 13.

  2. I don’t disagree one bit. But while you can make an argument about “good wins,” George Mason has no bad losses. ODU, other than a road game at Richmond, doesn’t have a bad loss either.

    I’m not dumb–I know the committee will find a way to include, say, Oklahoma State and also find a way to exclude a George Mason. But you cannot tell me that a GMU or ODU, with 14 or 15 conference wins and a low 30s RPI without a bad loss doesn’t have a resume.

  3. I love this blogg for CAA information, but I am a little disappointed that UNCW doesn’t get the respect, or coverage they deserve. It seems the only teams that get mentioned here, or on any other “mid major” site are ODU, GM, and Hofstra. How about a little love for the ‘dub!!

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